Monday Moments with Slider Recipes

I love slider recipes and this list could’ve gone on for pages. But I wanted to just show some classic style sliders everyone would enjoy. The big game is right around the corner and these are always a big hit and great finger food.


I think these are my favorite sliders called Mozzarella Stuffed Meatball Sliders. I mean, you have meat, cheese and sauce all rolled into this small sandwich. I found this recipe on the McCormick website.

Staying with the Italian theme, how about Pizza Sliders? The Country Cook has a super easy recipe to make with ingredients we all love.

Oh my!! Cheesy Party Burgers by Kevin & Amanda are really easy to whip up for your next party and who doesn’t love a cheesy burger taste. I love Kevin & Amanda’s website.

I haven’t tried this version called Buffalo Chicken Sliders by A Flavor Journal, but all the ingredients sound so yummy. Spicy chicken with the dressing to cool down the spice all at the same. It has to be good.



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  1. Had forgotten about a sliders recipe I used to make. Thanks for this reminder. Pinning and printing these recipes. The cheesy party burgers are right up my husband’s alley. So yummy.

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