Monday Moments with Spring Door Wreaths

Isn’t Spring beautiful and grand!!  All the spring colors are starting to pop out.  The tulips, azaleas, dogwoods forsythias and other early bloomers.  I just love the colors that show up this time of the year.  So why not make your front door pop too.  I love the colors in these door wreaths and it seems yellow is a must for a spring wreath.

Monday Moments with Spring Wreaths

The first wreath is made with silk tulips and I love how the colors play off of each other.  It does look pretty on the white door. The Frugal Homemaker has a great tutorial on how to make this wreath.

I always knew it was spring back in Missouri where I grew up when the forsythia’s started to bloom.  You had to have a couple of those bushes in your yard.  Jenna shows you how to make this easy wreath and doesn’t it look yummy on her green front door.  Be sure to check out all her paint colors she used in her home.

This is a whimsical and really cute wreath made from styrofoam balls and scraps of material.  The kids would love to help you make this one.  I can see this wreath being made with many different color schemes.

Since I am a gardener, this wreath screamed to me!  I’ve got to make this one.  Create Craft Love shows you just how to make this and I do believe this is going to be my next door wreath for Spring and actually her door color is the same as mine, so I already know how its going to look.



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  1. The leaves are really starting to change here. I can’t wait for my cherry blossom tree to pop open with color. These wreaths are adorable, Tammy! I love the tulip one. It really screams spring :). Such an awesome season. You can’t help but see God in these blossoming months.

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