Kitchen Tablet Holder

I keep my recipes on a blog so whenever I am out of town or at the grocery store, I can look up a recipe easily.  I love this when I am at the grocery store and I need to find out what is in a certain recipe.

One other thing I love to do in the kitchen is use my Kindle to when I am cooking to see my recipes.  But one problem has been a bit of a pest lately and that is my Kindle really needs something to hold it up for easier viewing.  That way I can keep dirty hands off of the screen when I have to  move it out of the way.  But, I would love to have a stand that would look so nice in any kitchen.

So, I did some searching online for some great ideas.  Pinterest was a great help here.


I LOVE this idea above and its so easy to make.  I found this on Mamie James blog and she shows step by step how to make one of these.  Its made with a cutting board and scrabble piece holder.  And looks great in the kitchen.  This would hold not only hold my Kindle but an ipad or any tablet.


I adore monograms and here is another example of a table stand from Queen of Kings blog.    She offers these on her Etsy shoppe and this would make a really great Christmas item for any techy cook.


What I love about this is the chalkboard and bright color effects.  So cute.  I found this at Green Owl Crafts.


The one above is connected to your cabinet and what I really like about this idea is its at eye level and so easy to read.  The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount  is easy to install: it does not require any tools or permanent installation. Simply remove it as you wish and it’s compact enough to fit easily in a silverware drawer.  But, this one would probably take a bit of time to get use to and maybe a bit of a hassle.


I really like this version but it is a DIY project and you can find it at Family Handy Man. He has pictures which show you the dimensions of how to make this tablet mount that just folds up under the cabinet.    Great for those people who don’t have much counter space and is hidden away.

I would love to hear if any of you enjoy using your tablets in the kitchen and how you mange it while cooking or are you still a recipe book user?

Have fun today,



  1. I use my computer more than my tablet, and my computer is on my counter most of the time. I love the tablet holders that are off the counter though. I think I would really like the one that would just fold out of the way. I wonder if my husband could build it? He’s going to tell me to stop reading blogs! 😉

  2. I love all of these ideas! I LOVE the personalized cutting board! I might have to see if my husband can make me one 🙂 I’ve seen the first one on Pinterest (gotta love pinterest) and that one is gorgeous too with the distressed look.

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