Kick Starter Kit for Home & Family ebook and GIVEAWAY

I have found over the years when I blog, one of my main problems or walls I run into is ideas for great posts.  You write and write about a few subjects and then nothing.  Wouldn’t you love to have a way to get fresh ideas for blog posts? 

Maybe a Kick Start?

Kick Starter Kit for Home & Family ebook and GIVEAWAY

I was recently asked to review an ebook called Kick Starter Kit for Home & Familyblank related blogs by Sarah Kostusiak.  This book will give you 52 blog post titles (one for each week of the year),  so when you sit down, write a post and not waste so much time on trying to figure out what to write about.  What a great help that is to today’s bloggers.

This book also includes 52 Facebook or Twitter posts, with hashtags, to help you promote your posts on social media.  I love that the work is already done for you.  PLUS 52 Home & Family related quotes where you can just post these on your social media accounts or add them to images to gain more interaction.  I personally love using my pictures with quotes.  A great way to to gain likes on Facebook.

There are so many different ideas she has to write about for 52 weeks!  She has posts for certain times of the year, holidays but who says you have to follow that.  She explains how you can use this ebook to work with your blog or blog product.  I think any blog could use this ebook anytime of the year.

Sarah has so graciously offered her Kick Starter Kit for Home & Family Related Blogs ebook and a one year membership, a $120 value, to her Develop Your Influence online business training site.  WOW!!!

The giveaway will last from January 20 – January 27 at midnight.

You can find Sarah on her Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her blog The Blogging Bunch.  Her blog is full of great information for bloggers to learn.

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  1. I’m me to the whole Blogging world,there is so much to learn! This would be great!
    I like to blog about mothering, allergy friendly food, my boys and toddlerhood. 🙂

    1. This is such a great book and then the membership to help you along the year. Great prize. Good Luck and thanks for stopping by

  2. What a neat book! I blog about real food, lots about green-living & DIY, and even more about healthy organic skincare (with lots of DIY in that category, too).

  3. I found your blog via the Weekend re-Treat. This sounds like an awesome book. That is one thing I struggle with. What do I blog about. I usually wait until I do something stupid and then blog about that. So far it has worked out for me but hopefully I stop doing stupid things and will need to find something else to blog about. Thanks for sharing.

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