Glorious Christmas Trees

I love looking at all the different kinds of Christmas trees out there today.  So pretty and creative.  Don’t you think?  Take a stroll with me while I share a few of my favorite.

1958.1Even as a little girl I started decorating with my mom.  Ah all the beautiful lights and all the shiny icicles.  A true blast from the past. 


blank{trendy tree}

How about a beautiful flocked tree!  We did this for many years.  You put the flocking in a vacuum and sprayed the tree some how.  I remember watching my mom do this process, but really didn’t pay attention that closely for future reference.  Can you still flock a tree?



{southern living}

A real tree is something I haven’t had in so many years.  They always smell so nice and just scream Christmas time.



{ideas home concept}

An adorable little tree for children.  I love how they laid a string of lights on the firewood. 




How fun is this tree!  I just love all the bright colors.



I still want one of these!




And my favorite of all time place to have a Christmas tree.  Some year I will spend Christmas in a log cabin, up in the mountains with my hubby, watching it snow and snuggling in front of the fireplace.  Pure heaven!

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas tree,



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