November 2016 Garden Update

I love this time of the year here in Central Florida.  The weather is finally cooling down and I can stay outside longer than 10 minutes to do garden work.  Its time to update whats going on in my garden right now.

Fall Garden

Whats growing?

I only have 3 tomato plants and 1 cucumber plant still growing.  Snails took care of everything else.  Another reason I look forward to dryer and cooler air.  The snails will go away until next summer.

November 2016 Garden Update

I have many blooms, but no fruit so far.

November 2016 Garden Update

Small cucumber plant and hope I will get some produce from it.

I will be planting all my cool weather seeds; kale, spinach, lettuce in a few days.  My cabbage seedlings are also ready to be planted.  I can’t wait for fresh salads soon.

What else is around the garden:

November 2016 Garden Update

Found this fella, which is a tersa sphinx caterpillar, enjoying my pintas and watched him eat for several days in the same spot.  Not very attractive. Went to check on him one morning and he was gone.  Not sure where he went but maybe has made his cocoon somewhere.

November 2016 Garden Update

I have a pineapple plant growing in a pot right now.  Planting the tops of pineapples really do grow.  I have one next to the garden and I will plant this one there next spring.

November 2016 Garden Update

My geraniums are starting to bloom again.  They hate the heat and summer here.

What to do next?

A few things to do when your garden season is over is to make sure all your garden tools are clean and put away for the spring.

  • Hose down all my hand spades and snipers, dry them off and store away.
  • Sharpen tools, clean handles, wipe down with linseed oil and lubricate hinges of tools.
  • Wash all my garden gloves.
  • Coil up all the hose and store away.

With the holidays coming up soon, here are a few craft items for those who love to garden.  Something the kids can help make and give.

Remember with the holidays, we like to bring holiday plants in our homes.  Here are just a couple of common plants to keep away from children and pets during the holidays:

November 2016 Garden Update

You fine mistletoe in trees.  If you ever see a tree in the winter time that looks like the tree above, those green areas are mistletoe. They attach themselves to a branch and use that as a host for food and water. If there is enough of mistletoe on a tree, it can kill it.  The white berries are toxic and can cause death.

November 2016 Garden Update

Who doesn’t love to have beautiful poinsettias in our homes during the holiday.  They surely do brighten up the area, but they are toxic too.  When you cut a poinsettia, it will ooze a white substance which can cause a rash on your skin.

Get your hands dirty,


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  1. I have a great place for a garden in my back yard. Every year I intend to get out there and make it work for m and every year I let weeds take over. I really want to redo it this year and have a real garden in 2017. I will say, I have the biggest rosemary bush I have ever seen. LOL

    1. I love rosemary like that!!! You could make a hedge out of the stuff. Every time I pass mine, I have to just take a sniff. Thanks for stopping by.

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