Monday Moments with Valentine Crafts for Kids

Love is in the air!!  I can tell mainly because of all the Valentines advertising in the stores.  But who needs “store bought” items when you can have the kids make the most wonderful Valentine crafts and gifts.  Here are a few ideas.

Monday Moments with Valentine Crafts for Kids

Super Fun Craft Stick Love Bugs says it all in the title of this craft.  Thank goodness these cute little bugs are nothing like the Love Bugs we have here in Florida.  Sunshine Whispers shows us how easy it is to make these.

When I was a little girl, we would make crafts with paper plates all the time.  I was so glad to see this craft by I Heart Craft Things and bringing back such a fun project again.

I know the kids will really love doing this project by Easy Peasy and Fun since the kids will get to finger paint.  Sort of.  This would be such a great gift to give to parents and grandparents.

And what little girl wouldn’t love making one of these Candy Heart bracelets to give to their mom.  One of my favorite blogs to visit is Lolly Jane and this craft is so easy to make.



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