Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Planning

Its the last week of September already and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be knocking on the door.  Are you hosting dinner this year?  If so, here are a few ideas which may help you with your Thanksgiving Planning.  Its a great time to start planning for the holidays.

Monday Moments with Thanksgiving Planning

Are you a first time host?  Here is a great article by BuzzFeed which gives several ideas on what to do for your first time hosting a larger gathering at Thanksgiving. There are several recipes and how to cook a turkey.

Do you know how much food to buy for your crowd?  I love this Cheat Sheet from Simple Most.  It breaks down how much food to buy for how many people are coming to your gathering.  Such as how much turkey, dressing, casseroles, etc.

Do you use printables for the holidays?  How about some free printables from Yellow Bliss Road on How to Host the Holidays.  Several planners, lists and labels for the holidays and some recipes toos.

Once all the planning is done, have you thought about music to play while your guests are there?  Celebrations of a Holiday Girl has a great playlist to choose from for the holiday season.



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