Need a Quick Cup of Coffee?

I was never a coffee drinker until about 10 years ago after hubby and I married.  He loves his coffee and every morning it always smelled so good to me.  I tried a cup one day with a bit of sugar and creamer and fell in love!!

Then I started enjoying only certain brands of coffee and soon I became a coffee hog.  I had to have it made a certain way with certain creamers and sugar.  Can you relate all you coffee drinkers out there?

Need a Quick Cup of Coffee?

Then as the years passed, I noticed the caffeine was starting to effect my body to the point I had to stop drinking coffee all together.  Mainly, because I couldn’t find a good tasting decaf coffee brand.

But I sssoooo missed my iced coffees in the afternoon.  I craved the taste so badly.

Since I didn’t want to make a whole pot of decaf coffee just for an ice coffee, I decided to take the NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® Challenge for a week by using the House Blend decaf coffee for a cup in the afternoon and enjoying a #CraftEachDay. I have never used NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® instant coffee before and couldn’t figure out why not.  All you do is add hot water, not boiling water and you have a quick cup when you want it.  I love they use responsibly sourced beans to make their coffee  and is a well-crafted coffee made simple.  We all need simple, right?

My Favorite Iced Coffee

Since I like iced coffee, I will make a quick cup of the coffee and let it cook in the fridge.  By the afternoon, I just add ice cubes and some vanilla flavored almond milk.  For sweetness, I add a teaspoon of raw honey.  TIP:  Put the honey in the cup of coffee while its still hot and it will dissolve better.  I found out the hard way that honey doesn’t like to dissolve in cold liquids.

The taste is so bold and just the way I love it for ice coffee.  I do make mine a bit stronger than the instructions say on the jar for a stronger taste.

Need a Quick Cup of Coffee?

Now hubby on the other hand loves to have a cup of hot black coffee with his dessert at night.  He also doesn’t like the caffeine at night, so he will grab the NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® for a quick and satisfying taste at night.

Need a Quick Cup of Coffee?

NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® also comes in stick packs in 6 different flavors.  These are great to throw in your purse or take to work for a quick 8 0z cup of coffee without spending $5.00 for a cup of coffee.

Why don’t you try the #TastersChoiceChallenge for a week and see how you like NESCAFÉ® Taster’s Choice® and be sure to stop by their website for more information and to check out all the coffee flavors they have to offer.



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