Monday Moments with Tailgating Ideas

Officially NCAA football started this past Saturday.  GO MIZZOU!!  And the NFL starts next weekend.  GO FINS!!!  Yes, I am a football fan.  Have been for so many years now.  Hubby and I really love our football.  But, if you are the die hard fan who loves to tailgate at your favorite school or for any event, here are some great tailgating ideas to inspire you.

Monday Moments with Tailgating Ideas

I loved the title of this post, 10 Things Every Tailgating Rookie Needs.  I remember my first time setting up and I had no idea what to do.  But you learn from friends and family how to make it a great tailgate.  These are simple ideas to grow from.

And what seems to be the most important part of the party, the food!  50+ Recipes Perfect for Tailgating has some really good recipes listed to grab for your next party.  I will be making the Redneck Caviar at my next party.

This next post is a genius post.  Tells basically everything you need for a tailgate party and how to set it up and be prepared.  I love how they made a great set up on the back of a pickup truck.  Genius!

Now for those of you who really love making tailgating an art form, check out this inspirational post.  I love all the vintage items used and some of them are just pretty and some of the food is just mouth watering.



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