Monday Moments with Homeschool Hacks

Homeschooling must be such a joy for families.  I wish I had done this with my child, but during his school years, it wasn’t really accepted.  What fun it would be to work with other families and know what your child is learning.  I praise all of you who homeschool.   So, how about some homeschool hacks to get ready for the coming up year.

Monday Moments with Homeschool Hacks

Ed Snap Shots has a great post on how to an organized homeshool room is a functional space for all your materials.  She has some great ideas to help with this.

Kids Activities Blog is the best resource for all things classroom.  Rachel shows some really neat “hacks” for your home class.  I love the file cabinet idea.

Looking for teaching supplies on a budget?  Becky shows you 18 different ideas on how to do this.  Some really creative ideas in that post.

Tricia is sharing here 20 year experience as a homeschool teacher with a few genius ideas to use in your classroom.  She has a great website for homeschool ideas.



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