Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

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I always look forward to the 1st of September when football season is in full swing.  Hubby and I both are glued to the tv on the weekends until after the 1st of the year.  We are a divided home when it comes to college and NFL teams, but its always fun times when we watch our teams play each other.  I print out our schedules, make sure they are on my phones calendar and the most important list we start making is Football Food.

Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

Our meals will usually consist of hot dogs, burgers, pulled pork sliders, potato skins, coleslaw, salads, baked beans and something sweet while we are watching the games.  Yum!!

Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

But, even though we really enjoy all that great food, we can’t eat it all the time.  Its just not healthy to do every weekend.  I now make a habit of bringing out more healthier choices of our classic “Football Food” spread every weekend.  Adding more crunchy veggies, leaner meat and fruit.

Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

One other way to have healthier snacks is to offer some Weight Watchers candy.  These are so good and no one will know you are offering a much healthier snack.  Several kinds of chocolate, mint, nuts, double dark chocolate (I just had to mention chocolate twice), Red Velvet cake, caramel and toffee.  So many delicious flavors and they really do satisfy the sweet tooth.  I found all of these flavors at my local Publix. They also carry several other types of Weight Watchers healthier snacks such as ice cream, cheese snacks and baked goods.

Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

I don’t think the gooey goodness can get any better than in that piece of candy.

These are such a great choice substitute for a sweet snack at your next tailgating party too!  All I do is unwrap each piece of candy and place in a bowl.  I haven’t told hubby yet that his candy is Weight Watchers.  I just know he gets to enjoy candy now and I am serving him a healthier choice.

Lighten Up with Healthy Sweets for Football Season

Another thing I love about the individual wrapped candies, is I can throw one in my purse for an afternoon treat when I am out and about.

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  1. Weight Watchers candy sounds like something for me 😀 I love candy (and sweets), but they are no good for my health nor my weight.

  2. Yum they look and sound delicious! The mint patty would be my choice, I am a huge sucker for chocolate and mint!

  3. Those pulled pork sliders look really good. I’m making sliders tonight for dinner, i’m loving these sides.

  4. It’s definitely important to keep the fatty food at a minimum and look for better alternatives throughout the football season. These candies look so good, you’ll forget their healthy! I think it’s great that they come in individually wrapped packages.

  5. Good to know that you have healthier choices when it comes to dessert. The start of the football season is exciting, indeed. But with it comes a load of unhealthy food. Good to know that you’re trying to eat healthier this season!

  6. I want this one. I haven’t heard anything like this, a healthier dessert is a must have.

  7. I am not a fan of football but surely that snack is a healthier one. I will share this news with my hubby..

  8. Those little pulled pork sliders look awesome, Tammy. I love the WW candies. You are so right, they are a perfect little treat to throw in your purse. They are so convenient being individually wrapped. That also helps me stop at one a lot easier :).

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