Keep Your Back To School Locker Organized

Its back to school time. Already?  What happened to summer??
And that means its time to think of decorating and organizing your students locker to help them stay as efficient as possible during the hectic school year. These products will help them declutter and stay focused.
Keep Your Back To School Locker Organized

Magnetic Dry-Erase Board – I keep one of these on my fridge all the time to remind me of items I need in the kitchen and the grandkids love to leave us a message every once in awhile. I also loved these when I went to collage. We hung one on the door for messages while we were out of our room. A must have for any student and the  Magnetic Dry-Erase Board is available at Amazon

Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror – I really like this idea.  The locker organizer with mirror holds all those little things that get lost at the bottom of the locker. Two pockets a mirror and a zipper pocket will keep things organized.  Great for all those small items that you might lose easily.  Be sure to check out the Locker Pocket Organizer with Mirror which is available at Amazon.

Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin – I have one of these on my fridge where I keep pens, note pads and Post A Notes. I am always writing myself notes.  But for your locker, this would be a great place to store pens, pencils, notepads, index cards, a pocket calculator, hair accessories and personal care items. The Magnetic Mesh Organizer Bin is available at The Container Store.

2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent – My son used one of these in his locker in high school and loved it.  There was only one shelf in there and you know how many books they carry today.  Maximize vertical space in your locker with our ingenious Janus Locker Shelf. Two adjustable shelves provide multiple levels of storage for books, notebooks and school supplies. The dimensions are 11-1/4″ X 10″ X 26″ H and is adjustable.  You can find the 2-Tier Janus Locker Shelf Translucent at The Container Store.

Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin – And for all you gals out there for that last minute touch up, this is a must.  I had one similar to this where I use to work.  A girl has gotta look her best at all times.  A great place to store pens, pencils and personal care items. A mirror provides a place to check your look between classes. Super-strong magnets on the back keep it securely in place. The Mesh Magnetic Vanity Bin is available at The Container Store.



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