Monday Moments with Winter Decorating

Christmas is over and the New Year has just began.  While putting up the Christmas decorations up, I realize how “blah” the house looks with out all the glitter and pretty.  So, why not have a few winter items to decorate your home with which you make yourself and doesn’t cost that much. I know every one is pinching their pennies after Christmas for sure.

Monday Moments with Winter Decorating

Here are some ideas –

I LOVE this hanging basket that DIY Inspired has created for winter.  She explains in her post that she has used this basket for several times of the year and just changes out the decorations for the seasons.  A money saver for sure.

How about a Dollar Store creation with wine glasses, candles and a bit of snow.  Such a cute idea by Popsugar and she demonstrates how easy this is to make and won’t cost much.

Here is another cute idea done by Jolene’s Crafting.  I love using glass hurricanes to display items.  There aren’t any instructions but the picture gives you an easy example to follow.

I really love this door hanger made with items found at the Dollar Tree.  So cute and wintry and perfect for your front door.  Ray of Sparkles shows you how easy it is to make this low cost decoration.



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