Monday Moments with Summer Eats

Its getting warmer and the temp is rising every day here in Central Florida.  I know some of you are waiting for warmer weather.  So, lets get ready with some summer time eats for the grill or stove.  I know I will be trying all these recipes this summer.

Monday Moments with Summer Eats

One thing I grill often is chicken and I use marinades all the time.  Mom on Time Out has a really good recipe I know I will be trying the next time I grill out. So many tasty flavors!

For those of us who have a garden, there seems to be loads of squash, zucchini and tomatoes to go around.  I love to grill or roast them when possible.  Cooking Classy has the perfect recipe to make for all those veggies and I bet the kids will love it too.

Its sweet corn season right now and corn on the grill is a must for summer time eats.  Life in the Loft House has a easy but yummy recipe for grilled corn.

I have never grilled pizza, but I am willing to try.  Real Food by Dad has a great recipe for this.  Made with prepared pizza dough with chicken and sun dried tomatoes.  Yum.



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