Monday Moments with Slow Cooker Soups

Its been unseasonably cold here in Central Florida the past 6 weeks and my slow cooker has been steadily churning along with some of my favorite soups.  I love soup.  Easy to make and most of the time a soup is invented by what is in the pantry.  Here are a few soups I must give a try soon in my slow cooker.

Monday Moments with Slow Cooker Soups

I’ve made several versions of Cheeseburger Soup but this creamy version looks so good.  Cream de la Crumb has a yummy version to try.  Made with cream, ground beef and topped with bacon.  What a tummy warmer there.

Next Damn Delicious has another creamy soup called Slow Cooker Corn Chowder.  Lots of veggies in a creamy white sauce and topped with bacon.  Bacon just makes everything taste so good.

Did someone say beef stew?  I love to make beef stew.  Especially if I have any roast left over.  My or my yum what is in this recipe by Iowa Girl Eats.  Serve with a nice piece of home made bread and what a dinner this makes.

And lets not forget Creamy Potato Soup.  The Girl Who Ate Everything shows a really easy version of this classic recipe to try.



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