Monday Moments with Creative Gift Wrapping

I love wrapping gifts every year.  I got lazy at one point and only wanted to use bags for all my gifts.  But now I’m back to personalizing gifts I wrap.  I needed inspiration and here are a few creative gift wrapping ideas I will use this year.

Monday Moments with Creative Gift Wrapping

I love using Kraft paper with so many projects and wrapping gifts is no exception.  Makezine shows how to use stamps to make your wrapping paper so cute.

I think my brother started the fad of wrapping presents with newspaper.  He’s been doing that for years.  We use to laugh, but now we know it was just pure genius.  Sjarmerendejul shows her example of using newspaper and adding newspaper roses for the final beauty touch.  Something my brother never did.

Here is another example of using different items to stamp on Kraft paper for a beautiful gift. Theprettyblog shows step by step examples on how to do these.

I adore this example because it lets me use my garden herbs on the gifts.  A great way to wrap a gift for my garden club friends.  Bluepurpleandscarlet show several different examples of using herbs on gifts.



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