Monday Moments with Cooking A Turkey

My job for the past several years was to bring a casserole to Thanksgiving dinner.  My mom would take care of the turkey and other side items.  Other family members would also bring a covered dish.  But, this year, there has been a small kink in the usual plans.  My mom broke her arm in two places and the jobs have been quickly delegated to the rest of the family.  She is fine and won’t have to have surgery, but its hard to cook with one hand.

So, I volunteered to cook the turkey.  Huh!!  I use to smoke turkey breasts many years ago and they were really good and easy to cook.  But, life gets in the way and my mom took that job back over.  I have been looking all over the internet to figure out the best recipe to use to roast this large bird. Here are a few I came up with.

Monday Moments with Cooking A Turkey

I had to stop by and read How to Cook a Turkey Perfectly because, well, the title said it all.  Pioneer Settler shows very detail pictures from start to finish with your turkey.  I will probably go by this recipe.

Next there is another roasted turkey recipe by The Yummy Life.   There is a lot of interesting guidelines spelled out in this blog post.  Be sure to stop by just to read all that great information.

Who else to ask how to cook a turkey than Butterball.  They have a recipe on how to smoke a turkey.  I always used an electric smoker and it worked so well.  Be sure to check out their other recipes and ways of cooking a turkey.

Some day I will try a fried turkey and maybe even cook one.  It really doesn’t look that hard, but I would let hubby handle that cooking process.  Home Made Recipes shows you step by step with great pictures to follow.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving,


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