Monday Moments with Camping Fun Ideas

You are wanting to go camping, you have all your supplies, food and you are ready to go and wonder, “What will we do during down time”.  How about a list of camping fun to enjoy while camping. I haven’t been camping in a very long time but these fun ideas makes me want to go back.

Monday Moments with Camping Fun

I love the idea of grab and go in a camping situation and having a basket full of Easy Camping Activity Bags is the perfect solution.  Creative Capital B has a list of great camping ideas too.

I use to bowl for so many years and when I saw this great idea to do when camping, I wanted to make it.  Glow in the Dark Bowling is such a fun idea and Growing a Jeweled Rose shows you how to make this game.

Scavenger hunts is so much fun for all ages.  You can see the full list to make yourself from The Taylor House.

From ABC’s to ACT’s has a great list of 10 games to do while camping.  Easy to make and so much fun.



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