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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.

Lake Sunset

My mom had her second lung surgery this month to remove the bottom lobe of her left lung. For someone in her 80’s, she is such a trooper. She was in and out of the hospital in 3 days and back home to recover. I am so fortunate to have a brother who was willing to come to Florida to help her with this surgery. We’ve learned a lot about cancer and being a caregiver. Its been a long 2 months but the chemo will start in the next few weeks when she is healed from this last surgery. On to the next step.

School is in full swing for everyone and I am so enjoying all the 1st day of school pictures. Even though my son is almost 40 years old, he still has his 1st day of school since he is a teacher. He loves teaching music. I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!!


Are you a Stranger Things fan as much as I am? When I saw these t-shirts, I had to get one. Just to let you on a little secret, the shirt brand used for these t-shirts are the same ones used for the Magnolia Store. They are super soft!! They come in several designs and colors from the show.

Check out the FREE classes you can take for photography and branding. To register, scroll down, click RSVP, show up on time. Also, when you scroll down, you will see upcoming classes. I took the class on How to Write a Blog Post that Drives Traffic and loved it!!

cash for christmas

It’s time to prepare for the 2019 Cash for Christmas Giveaway! For those of you who would love to join us for the first time this year as a co-host, please contact me and I will get your email on my list. I will be sending out information in September for sign-ups.

This is a great way to get a boost on your social media and your blog. Our last giveaway had almost 60,000 entries!!!

Wanting to visit the Great Smoky Mountains. See where we went and enjoy all the sites of this beautiful place in the fall.

A must trip in the fall is to visit the Great Smoky Mountains and to view all of its glory. Beautiful trees, waterfalls, and all the fun fall activities. Another great place to go in the fall is Madison, GA or any town in the Antebellum Trail. If you love festivals and crafts, you must go to the Cotton Pickin Fair in Georgia.

fall inspiration

Getting Ready for Fall Posts:

Monthly Recap of Posts

Friend to Friend –

Few things have such a huge impact on happiness and the enjoyment, depth and plain fun of life as the friendships we have – Unkown

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  1. What cool shirts. I do like Stranger Things. So does my daughter! She’ll want a shirt, I’m sure. I hope your son enjoys teaching! Music is a wonderful thing.

  2. I really appreciate the link to the photography class, especially since it’s free. I’m always looking to improve my picture taking skills.

  3. I would love a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains. There is just a nice feeling of peacefulness when you are in the midst of all that beauty! I might also consider to sign up as a co-host for the Christmas giveaway. I will let you know when I am sure.

  4. Surgery can be rough and it’s crazy that the insurance companies rush your recovery. It is beneficial to be at home sometimes but other times it would be nice to stay in the hospital longer. They sent me home two days after having a spinal fusion. It was rough for two weeks but I survived.

    I need to plan a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains. The mountains have always been a favorite place to be but here I am stuck in TX where it is so hot. I love nature and being near the stream fishing. Maybe when I retire, I’ll move closer to the mountains.

    1. Dear Tammy, I know how it is when someone on your family has uninvited guest – cancer. My beloved grandmother had it and she was too old for therapy, but she lived long (almost 92 years). I’m also happy when I see in my city little pupils big backpacks ? and excitement on their faces because they will meet new friends. Everything is the same for years! Have a nice day and I wish you all the best for you and your family, especially your mother, a real hero.


  5. Free classes! I was wishing in our country having these free classes on photography! I actually love being good at photography! I am hoping so!

  6. Great Smokey Mountains looks like a lovely place to visit! My cousin love Stranger Things movie, she will surely love the shirt!

  7. I love Stranger Things and that shirt! I have wanted to check out the Great Smoky Mountains for a while. We are going on a road trip next year, and we might be able to check it out.

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