Amazon Free Ebooks and More


I hope everyone had a wonder Christmas and for those of you who received a new Kindle, I will share where I get the majority of my books for either free or about .99 cents.

I recently posted about how I earned a FREE Kindle Fire but since then I have earned enough Amazon credits to exchange my old Kindle fire for a new Kindle HD 8.9″blank.  Its the perfect size for me especially when I take it in the kitchen to use for recipes I have stored or throw it in my purse for reading when out and about.   Also, if you have an old electronic item, be sure to check out Amazon’s Trade-In Store.  I was able to turn in my old 7″ Kindle Fire for about $50.00 of Amazon credits.  I have traded in a couple of older electronics with them in the past with no problems.  They email you a mailing label to ship in your old electronic, after you fill out the form to see if you item qualifies for an exchange,  and in about 2 weeks you will receive your trade in value in your Amazon account.

Now on to the free ebooks.   Actually, as long as I have had a Kindle, I have only bought a few full price ebooks and I have maybe 200 books now on both Kindles. More than I can read any time soon. I am also an Amazon Prime Member where I can borrow a book once a month too. 


For me BookBub is my favorite.  I receive an email everyday with a listing of Free or .99 cent books offered at Amazon.  They have books of many different genres to choose from.  I’ve gotten a few nice cookbooks with their listings in the past.

Another place is Free Ebooks and Tips.  Since he is an affiliate for Amazon, 80% of the books he offers on his website or emails have to be books you pay for.  But again, the price is about .99 cents.  He also likes to give away a Kindle Fire or other accessory every now and again.
You can also find lists of free ebooks at Freebook Sifter, but I find that list a little intimidating or on this Amazon page which shows free kindle ebooks.  A couple of blogs I follow who post about free books often is Money Saving Mom and Hunt 4 Freebies
There are so many different websites out there where you can find so many free ebooks to download straight to your Kindle or other reading device.  But to have and ebook delivered straight to my Kindle, makes my life much easier and so most of my ebooks come from Amazon.  And my books are always in my Amazon cloud for future use or if my Kindle dies on me.
Where is your favorite place to find free ebooks?
Happy Reading,