Invasion of the Tomato Cages

The garden is growing strong and by the end of the month, I will only have green peppers left.  We have a longer growing period here in Central Florida, but not in the summertime.  Too hot and too many air born diseases.  I miss the garden in the summertime.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

My tomatoes are in full swing and literally growing like weeds.  Since adding the mister system and using more Garden Epson salts, I can really see a difference.  I just throw some Epson salts at the base of the tomato plants every couple of weeks.  Green pepper plants love it too.


My blackberries are really starting to form.  My blueberries are struggling this year.  There are berries but they aren’t growing or turning.


And I love all the blooms of a veggie garden.  Cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.  This is my first year growing cantaloupe. I know hubby can’t wait for me to pick one of those.

But I have a dilemma now with my tomato plants.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

I feel like that old movie from back in the 70’s.  The plants are outgrowing their cages and I’m just waiting for a nice wind to come up and my plants break in half.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

They don’t look that big, but they are heavy.  The cucumbers are doing the same thing.  I am using the metal cages you can buy anywhere and I think its time for some tomato cage inspiration.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

Even though I’m not a fan of the wire tomato cages you buy, they can be used with smaller plants. They are great for my green peppers. Here is a way to make those dull grey cages into colorful beauties.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

I love this idea of using 1 x 2’s and making nice tall sturdy tomato cages. You could paint them any color for your garden and protect the wood.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

Another DIY idea using PVC pipes.  I can only imagine how well these hold up. I like that they are staked in the ground by a larger PVC pipe.  It might not be the prettiest solution, but I believe it would be the most practical. Check out the watering of each plant.

May 2016 Garden Update: Invasion of the Tomato Cages

Since I am a huge fan of the color pink, these have to be my favorites. Obelisk cage would be a beautiful and sturdy solution for not only tomatoes but beans, cucumbers and other climbers. Hubby is not a fan of pink but I think he wouldn’t mind if some of his favorite veggies were growing on them.

UPDATE: I did come up with a solution for my own DIY Heavy Duty PVC Tomato Cage.

Do you use tomato cages?

Get your hands dirty,


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  1. When I was little, we used to have blackberry bushes by my grandmas house. I used to love to go back and pick them. We are gardening with our kids this year, but I am not such a great gardener.

    1. Oh Ashley. Everyone is a great gardener. You just have to figure out what does well in your area. If I can grow all that I do in my really small area. I believe anyone can. You can do it!!

  2. This post has me itching to get my flowers in the ground! I bought a bunch about 2 weeks ago and we’ve had rain every day since and I haven’t been able to get outside! I can’t wait to plant a garden either; we don’t have the space where we are now.

    1. I love to plant flowers around my home. I can have them virtually all year long but either in the ground or a very large pot since it gets so hot here in the summer time. Flowers just make everything smile.

  3. So, I recently moved to the country after living in a downtown highrise. My husband has a total green thumb and has started gardening. I LOVE tomatoes, so I hope to get those started in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing those obelisks. MUCH prettier than the tomato cages (and I cannot believe they’re only $10)!

  4. This makes me excited for gardening! So funny how in the US we all have different growing seasons! Here in Colorado I JUST PLANTED last weekend! Can’t do earlier cause of the frost/snow!

  5. I love love love this post! This makes me so excited to start planting my veggies.

  6. I have never heard of tomato cages, but I can see from your photos that I have seen them around at various gardens in the area. Funny how fast your crop is growing, that’s awesome!

  7. that’s interesting to think Fl cannot grow tomatoes in the Summer, when that’s the ONLY time you can in MN! Love the colorful tomato cages in the last photo, it brings a pop of fun color into the yard!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this article! I am moving into a new house and will start gardening soon!

  9. Congrats on your garden. I love what you can do with the pvc pipe. Awesome idea. Hopefully we’ll get our garden going soon.

  10. Love those obelisk trellises! those are so much better than the sad wire cage I had…which the squirrels got into anyway! Happy gardening!

  11. This post makes me want a garden. I’ve always wanted to learn more about growing my own fruits and veggies. Thanks for sharing!

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