Recycled Can Herb Pots

Recycled Can Herb Pots to make and give to friends, family or make a beautiful centerpiece for any gathering.

Recycled Can Herb Pots to make and give to friends, family or make a beautiful centerpiece for any gathering.

I love growing herbs but I especially love to share them with my friends and family. You can grow them just about anywhere there is good light. A windowsill or in a pot on your patio. And actually, some herbs need to be planted in pots because they spread badly. Oregano and some mints are a good examples of that.

One way I love to give herbs is to recycle something to use as a pot. Cans make a perfect selection and these also make beautiful centerpieces for your next gathering or party.

Recycled Can Herb Pots

Materials you need:

The rosemary I used for this project was cuttings from another plant that I had.  Just put the cuttings in water to root and in a couple of weeks, they will be ready to transplant. If you are needing instant plants you will have to purchase them. Rosemary is very easy to root and grow, so it makes a great herb to choose if you have trouble growing plants.

I planted the herbs in the cans (make sure you wash them before planting) about a week before I was to give them away to make sure they looked healthy. Some plants may wilt for a few days after transplanting. I also added small rocks in the bottom of the can to help with drainage and just watered a little bit to keep the soil moist.

Recycled Can Herb Pots


  • Cut the jute webbing to fit the cans
  • Use the glue dots at each edge of the jute webbing
  • Wrap the jute twine in any fashion you like

I also found some sturdy wire in the garage (my favorite place to find items to use for my craft projects) to make some tag holders. I just wrapped the wire around a pencil using needle-nose pliers to hold the wire with until I got the desired look and then added the tag. The tag was printed and cut from my Silhouette Cutting Machine. Doesn’t matter if they don’t look the same for each pot. That’s what makes craft projects unique.

Recycled Can Herb Pots to make and give to friends, family or make a beautiful centerpiece for any gathering.

I just loved how these turned out and can’t wait to give them out at our next Garden Club meeting. Kids will love to help make these to give to their teachers and to help them to learn about recycling and gardening.

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  1. This is such a cute idea and I think my toddler would love ‘helping’ to make one of these. Living in Italy fresh herbs are essential for us, and this would be such a fun way of jazzing up boring planters.

  2. Those are so cute, I love recycling things into something useful. We just screened in our patio and I’ve been wanting to make an herb garden. This would awesome out there. And it looks easy enough that my craft challenged self would be able to do it! One question though, does the fabric around the cans get gross?

    1. Oh Krista. This would make a great herb garden for your porch. Very easy to make. I’ve only had mine in an enclosed lanai (porch) area, so its not exposed and the cans stay pretty clean. If that’s what you meant. But then again, you can’t leave the herbs in the cans for a very long period of time because they will get root bound.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. LOVE these cans! I’m in our local garden club, too. Maybe we could make these for our Garden Tour shop! Too cute!

    1. Hi Terri. Do you mean the Instagram area in the footer? If so thats the Simply Instagram plugin for WordPress. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Thanks Tammy. I loved how these turned out and kids would love to make these too. You could use ribbon also instead of the jute.

  4. Tammy, I LOVE this!!! Perfect for a gift, to contain the herbs, economical, easy and just darn fabulous! Thanks for sharing this. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  5. That’s really cute and I have all the stuff to do it – I was just looking at herbs at HEB’s garden section today. Guess I’ll be making a trip back there!

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