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Its already the end of January!


What a great year so far. Well, except for the 20-degree weather we had here in Central Florida for several days. There was quite a bit of snow and a lot more ice more north of me. Very rare for Florida. Not once this month, but two times!

I know so many were a lot colder than we were but the cold effects so much no matter where you are. So many crops were damaged or destroyed this year by Mother Nature in the state of Florida. The tangerine trees were basically wiped out in southern Florida by Hurricane Irma and it takes 5 years for them to grow and produce well again. I’m sure our pocketbooks will feel that soon enough.

Organize an office closet on a budget and still be pretty! Its easy to do and I will show you how in a few short steps.

During January, I do a lot of purging and organizing. Can’t do much outside, so I use this downtime to clean things up. I have organized my closet and pantry and also made a nice area for everything I need to make tea.


Looking for soup recipes? Be sure to check out my post where I list 100 of the Very Best Soup Recipes. I also have a few soups listed with my recipes and how about Instant Pot White Beans for supper soon? An Instant Pot or Crock Pot makes cooking soups easier for a busy schedule.

I just had to show you my latest purchase. I love the new vest I got from LL Bean. It’s so cute! Even though I live in Florida, we still have several days when I need an extra layer of warmth. I love wearing this with a turtleneck or t-shirt and jeans. Oh, and it’s on sale right now!


It’s almost Valentines Day, so take a few minutes to check out our 14 Days of Love.

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Mama Instincts I am an eco-friendly mama, trying to live a healthy life, with as little chemicals and processed foods as possible while also maintaining a balance.

I have been going to Carolina’s website for about a year now. I met her through one of her online classes and she is just a joy. I have learned a lot from her and her videos are so fun to watch. All you mama’s out there, be sure to visit her site.

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If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you – James 1:5 (NIV)

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  1. I heard Florida had some crazy weather this month. Something too about the manatees werent doing well with the cold water. Hopefully it’ll start to warm up soon for you. I am on the other side of the Country (San Diego) and it has been extra warm here all summer, we would love some rain and cold weather for alittle bit.

    1. We did have some crazy weather but that doesn’t really change the temp of the spring waters where they like to stay. There are more manatees counted this year than in the past. I live about an hour from where they like to stay during the winter.

  2. I can’t believe it got so cold in Florida and all throughout the SE and S this year! I think it was much colder there than the Pacific NW this year. I hope your garden didn’t suffer too badly!

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