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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.

Welcome, 2021!! I hope all is well with everyone and your holidays were enjoyed by all. Let’s put 2020 behind us, learn from it and move on to the joy and blessings ahead of us.


Living in Florida means I don’t have the joy of enjoying snow. but what a cute idea to do with snowmen. I was raised most of my life in southern Missouri and we did have a “few” good snowfalls. The last winter I experienced in Missouri before I moved to Georgia was the coldest in my life. Lots of ice and 20 degrees for several days, which is unusual for that area. I will say, I don’t miss the cold. I still have my dad’s Navy wool Peacoat and my down coat put away, just in case I lose my mind and want to visit somewhere cold. ????


Check out this really cozy winter look for a living room. I’m in love! A little bit of evergreen, muted colors, and that cabinet for the tv is just adorable.


Have you heard of Fetch yet? It’s an app you use to scan your receipts, earn points, and convert the points into gift cards. It will also search for receipts from your email account when you purchase online. I’ve been using it for several months now and love it. Great way to get free gift cards from major brands you shop at. Why not earn while you shop!

You can earn a quick 2000 points by using the code: AY32R when you sign up using the app! 


Elegear Cooling Comforter

I’m a blanket person and recently I received a cooling comforter from Elegear to review for them. When I took the blanket out of the box, I immediately fell in love with it. The material is so soft and really cool to the touch. There are 2 different sizes and colors to choose from. It has a little stretch in the material, washable, and not heavy at all like most comforters are. I received the  78″ X 86″ size which is just right to fit a Queen & King sized bed.

The blanket is made from Cool Tech Fabric and after using it for a few days, it really does keep you cooler. Living in Florida where 75% of the year is HOT, this blanket is perfect for someone, like me, who loves blankets all year long. This blanket is perfect for those who sweat badly at night and ladies if you are going through menopause, this blanket is for you. This comforter is perfect for cuddling while watching tv or reading your favorite book.

Save 20% using code – 49SUP9IQ


Does anyone stay cold all the time? You would think that living in Florida, I would be warm. But not in my home. The A/C is on 90% of the time and since Mr. G is hot all the time, I’m usually bundled up in a fleece blanket. I thought this long sleeve shirt was perfect for anyone who stays cold like myself. 

favorite winter items

Winter Inspiration


Friend to Friend 

Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.

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  1. Your living room is very cozy but you are in a warm place so you can enjoy the outdoors too. I live where it is snowy a few times a year but I like warm weather and shoveling snow is no fun.

  2. That is a cute idea for snowmen. I’m in south Texas and we rarely get snow. But I have lived in places with snow at least.

    I might have to pick up that comforter!

  3. Oh, nice! I need to give Fetch a try. I already save receipts after I buy stuff to upload to Ibotta. Now I can use them for this, too.

  4. It is weird to think that a blanket can keep you cooler. I will have to look into getting one for the summer.

  5. I haven’t heard about Fetch, thanks for sharing about it..I can’t wait to use this app.

  6. We are getting a big snowstorm next week and you can have all of it! I hate it. I am excited to try Fetch Rewards, thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow! I love the living room look that you shared! It’s really cozy and comfortable. And also I want to check out that cooling comforter from Elegear! It sounds awesome.

  8. I am always jealous of the Florida weather and wish we had more of it in the UK. We just had our first snow day in the UK this year and loved it.

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