Day Trip to Spook Hill

Spook Hill is one of those places you must stop by and visit. What causes this?  Optical illusion??  Some scientific phenomenon? It’s just fun!!

Day Trip to Spook Hill

I recently posted about our latest date day to The Bok Singing Tower and how beautiful it was that day.  So many flowers were blooming and the weather was perfect for Central Florida and a day of just enjoying a walk in some of God’s beauty.

And as we left the beautiful tower, we would miss

Date Day: Spook Hill

The stunning blooms

Date Day: Spook Hill

All the creatures of the area

Date Day: Spook Hill

And the smells of orange blossoms as we drove to the edge of the property.

The orange trees were in full bloom that day and the property is surrounded by orange groves.  I wish this post was “scratch n’ sniff”, because the sweetness of the orange blossoms was so intoxicating.   At one point, we stopped the car just to stand outside and raise our noses to the air.

We knew there was one more place we had to stop by.

Just for fun and laughs.

Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida

Spook Hill is located just a few miles from the front gate of The Bok Tower.  Actually, you just go across the street and follow the signs.

I’m sure at this point you are wondering, “What is Spook Hill?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Date Day: Spook Hill

I remember, many years ago, seeing a small news report about Spook Hill on the news and thought at that time, that would be fun to visit.  Fast forward many years later too after hubby and I married. We went together for the first time to The Bok Tower and he suggested we go to Spook Hill since it was right there. Mr. G’s family is originally from Lake Wales, so he had been to Spook Hill many times before.  hen I remembered the news report all those years ago.

I was excited.  I love Sci-Fi.

Once you get to the area there is a sign (above) that explains the legend and explains what to do.

Next, drive your car to the white line on the road down from the sign.

The white arrow will stay on the white line in all the pictures below.

Date Day: Spook Hill

Put your car in neutral and let off the brakes.  Keep looking out the front window and then….

Date Day: Spook Hill

You slowly

Date Day: Spook Hill

Roll up the hill BACKWARDS!!!

As you can see in the pictures you stop on top of the hill.

What causes this?  Optical illusion??  Some scientific phenomenon?

I never question good ole fashion fun!!

Date Day: Spook Hill

This advertisement above shows what the area looked like many years ago.  All orange groves.

Now homes dot the right side of the street and are you ready for this….

Spook Hill

 The school on the left side of the street is named after this attraction with Casper the Ghost as their mascot.

I’m a sucker for this stuff!

So, next time you are driving to Lego Land or taking a back road through Central Florida, stop by Lake Wales and give Spook Hill a look-see and watch out for those gators.

The Bok Tower
Florida's Space Coast is more than manned trips to the moon and rocket launches. The space coast is full of so much more to discover and explore.
3 counties and 3 different small towns centered around old historic courthouses and so authentic Florida. A must see!



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  1. Your pictures are always awesome! Looks like lots of fun & I would love to travel to FL just to see that hill ;-0
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  2. Looks like lots of fun. If I get to Florida I will check it out. Glad you and your husband are enjoying day dates!

  3. What a fun place to visit! And those pictures of yours are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had such a great time 🙂

  4. How fun is that??? I love stuff like that with some “magic” in it. I wouldn’t question the phenomenon either! Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings : )

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