Spa Day for the Pooch

Ernest T. Bass (pooch guest poster), here again, to talk to you about a problem all pet owners have. 

The Smelly Pet!

I recently posted about how to keep our beds clean, so today I will discuss how to keep us clean with a spa day for the pooch!

Even though I’m a very young 12 years old, I still don’t like to take a bath.  Mom has different ways of doing this process.  Sometimes in the shower, but most of the time, she hooks up the hose to the sink in the garage and I get my bath outside.  Why mom feels the need to show everyone in the neighborhood my hygiene process, I will never know.  What I hate the most is when neighbors stop by, mom stops what she is doing to chit chat and I’m standing there dripping wet with soap and water.  When I get tired of waiting, I just shake!  Now, who’s wet?  hehehe  I have to say, I do love it when she gives me a mini rub down during the bath.  aaaaaaahhhhhhhh

I use to take bubble baths in the bathtub, but I’m not allowed anymore.  I seem to enjoy eating the bubbles too much.  Needless to say, mom didn’t like that very much.  Especially when I would burp up soap all over the place.

Spa Day for the Pooch

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Spa Day for the Pooch

After the bath, a few shakes, and a great rub down with the towel (my fav thing), it’s time to snip my nails. I don’t like this process either, but mom makes me go through it. She says it’s not good for pooches to have long nails. The real reason is that I sometimes scratch when I play.

The last process I go through is to get my teeth brushed and then my mom lets me lick on this brush-like device. She says it will make my breath much nicer.

Is she saying Moi has bad breath?

Spa Day for the Pooch

The process is actually fun. You just apply the liquid to the soft bristles of the brush and let the pooch do the rest.

  I wasn’t really sure about trying this process at first.

Spa Day for the Pooch

But, after a few longggggggg smells of the liquid on the tongue brush, I LOVED it!!!  I couldn’t stop licking it.  I wanted more of that yummy beef and bacon flavor!!

Spa Day for the Pooch

Mom and dad both agree. My breath is much better now.  I thought it was fine before, but you know humans.

If your pup has bad breath, try Orapup.  There is tons of information on the website and videos to watch.  So many dog owners and vets recommend this product.  Your pooch will love it and you won’t have to force him/her to enjoy it all.  They will think it’s a treat.


Did I say treat?  Or did mom say treat?  They haven’t figured out that I know what T-R-E-A-T means now.  Cause I’m as smart as they come.


It takes a lot to be this beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another day in my life.

But I want to know.  Does your pooch like a spa day too?

Friends Fur-ever,

Ernest T. Bass

*    *    *    *

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    1. To be honest, I don’t like any of that spa stuff, but mom makes me do it. She says I just stink! I think I smell like a man boxer should smell. Glad I don’t have to go to the groomers. Hugs to your Westie. Woof!!

    1. Thank you. I am just too cute for words and I think all pooches would love the have sweet smelling breath. Woof!!

  1. Love the post and I am your newest follower. About your Spa Day. –
    Unfortunately we do not like baths and Mom has a time trying to get us to have a bath. Sometimes she get a bucket and wash rage and washes us all over with lovely doggie shampoo and then we get rinsed.
    Or into the shower we go and Lili is the worst, I kinda like it, but love to give mom a hard time. We are both rescued dogs and our mom is the best. She has retired and we LOVE her being home with us all day.
    Nice meeting you Ernest. Tell you mom to stop by mom’s newest post and you can get a look at us.

    Waldo and Lili Ferguson

    1. We dogs need to keep giving moms and dads hard times about the bath stuff. But I don’t think that will work here. I still have to take a bath. I’m a rescued pooch too. I’m so happy to have a furever home. Hope you guys stop by in the future and thanks for being a fan. Woof

  2. This is such a cute blog. We have a couple babies at our house too. Ours way about 15 pounds each so baths can happen in the kitchen sink. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Inspire Me Wednesday #11 Blog hop.

  3. Earnest you look handsome! I make my chihuahuas have a bath and they aren’t thrilled about it either! But, they smell a lot better afterwards! I didn’t know about the breath brush, pretty neat!

  4. Ernest, you are such a good boy sitting still for your spa day. Maybe you could teach my boys a thing or two about not horsing around in the bath. I’ve got to say though… if your mom lets you eat bubbles again, remind her to snap a pic of you burping them. That would make for a great blog post too!

  5. That dog looks so calm. I don’t think I have EVER had a calm dog when it came to them getting baths. I’d always send them to the groomer.. They always seemed better at it.

  6. Thanks for participating in the Pintastic Pinteresting Party. I love this post. Love how Ernest T. Basss does the talking. Way too cute. Thanks so much for sharing. And what a great way to introduce a product. Kuddos!

  7. I don’t have a dog anymore but when I did when I was younger I use to give Leon’ a bath with the water hose. She hated it! I would be as drench as her. Brushing Leon’ teeth was a pain too. I wish the Dog Breath Brush was around with I had her. #ProductReviewParty

    1. I couldn’t believe Ernest would like that tongue brush, but he did and then I couldn’t get him to stop licking it. He would follow me around the house. I guess some of the liquid you put on it was still on my hands. I have to say all my boxes have been good when its bath time. And I’m glad its so hot here in Florida most of the time where I can give him a bath out doors. Thanks for stopping by Louida and I’m so glad I found your site for product reviews.

  8. This is a cute article about taking care of the dog, from the dog’s perspective 🙂
    My own dog sometimes resents his “pampering” too. I bathe my 13 pound dachshund in our bathtub and he looks so sad, especially when I pull him under the faucet.

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