Our Heroes Wall

Remembering our heroes in our family with a wall of honor in our home. Learn how we displayed pictures, patches, medals, etc.

Remembering our heroes in our family with a wall of honor in our home. Learn how we displayed pictures, patches, medals, etc.

I have been so blessed and honored to have known so many in my family who have served in the military and as public servants. These family members only thought of what they could do for their country or area and held these jobs with honor.  We wanted to honor our family by displaying their accomplishments on a Heroes Wall.

My husband, dad, and brother, and other family members all served in the military. All during times of conflict and all having to be away from their loved ones.  My husband also was a fireman for 30+ years.

Our Heros Wall

My Father

My dad spent 20 years in the Navy during the Korean War and retired in 1965. My brother was too small to remember going from school to school, leaving friends and moving from house to house, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The picture above says it all.

Our Heros Wall

World War II Family

Out of all the military pictures we have of both my husband, his family, and mine, this picture says it all.  Here are 7 members of my husband’s family (including his dad far left) who all went to fight in WW II and they all came back to their families.  What a blessing that was and what an amazing bunch of fellas!!  I have only personally met a couple of them since my hubby and I married, but these men from the Greatest Generation stand for what our country is built on.

Our Heros Wall

My Husband

I didn’t know Mr. G when he spent his years in the Air Force, but he has told me some funny stories from that time.  He served during the Vietnam era but was never called to the country.  What a handsome young man he was in his uniform.

Our Heros Wall

After he left the Air Force he became a firefighter for 30+ years. A job which he loved. The men were his “brothers” and friends forever. It takes a special kind of person who would want to walk inside of a building surrounded by fire and never give a second thought about the consequences.

Our Heros Wall

My Brother

My little brother has served 5 years in the Navy and the last 15 in the National Guard.  He did 2 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and just retired after his 20 years of service.  My brother was born while my dad was deployed and while in Iraq, as fate would have it, his son was born.  Life does seem to repeat itself sometimes.

Our Heros Wall

We wanted to honor all of our family members and their service by making a Heros Wall in our hallway. A great idea for those of you who would love to honor your heroes. We had so many pictures, medals, patches, etc. and hated to see them sit in a box stored away.  After deciding what we wanted to display, I began looking for frames.

The two pictures on the far left and right and the 3 skinny pictures are military frames for each branch.  We needed Army, Navy, and Air Force. There are several different versions of these.  I made an extra set, one for my dad and brother for a Christmas present.

Our Heros Wall

The 3 larger frames in the middle which hold all the patches and medals are shadow box frames. Hubby used adhesive spray on the back of the frame to hold material. He needed the material to hold the medals by putting the pins through it.  He also used very small pins to hold the patches to the material.

A flag frame holds his dad’s US flag which was given to the family at his funeral.  The long picture holds a picture of his dad’s platoon as they get ready to head to WWII and the two newspapers are from when the war was over.

My heart breaks for every fallen soldier and their families who will have to live without their loved ones.  These are our heroes!  I know there is a special place in heaven for all these soldiers and I can only imagine all the stories they are sharing with each other as they watch over their loved ones who wait to return to them.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith – 2 Timothy 4:7

God bless America and our military,


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  1. What an amazing tribute to the heroes of your family. You both have such a strong legacy! As a military wife, I’m inspired.

  2. Wow! I’m a genealogy enthusiast and I’m geeking out about this Heroes Wall! My Grandpa served in the Korean War and there’s a photo of him with fellow soldiers on the boat home to Seattle that was featured in the Seattle Times! I really should frame that and do a wall like you have! Great idea!

  3. always good to pay tribute and remember our heroes, here you did just a perfect job on it … looking through the images there i see a big legacy and alot of brave souls.

  4. Hey, Tammy! I love your heroes wall. My mother has a photograph of every relative who served in her dining room. She has had it for years and we just grew up thinking that is the way it should be. Love the ending quote!

  5. I love that classic picture of your dad in uniform. It looks like it was taken from a magazine. I really like the idea of a Heroes Wall. It is great that you have so many family members to be proud of.

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to the heroes in your family. This is definitely something to inspirational for me to keep in mind at our next duty station… I love it! 🙂

  7. You did an amazing job decorating this wall. It was touching reading all their stories and how they served the country. God bless all of them!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to every family member who has served the military. I love that you called it your hero’s wall because that’s what they are after all. My heart goes out to all the fallen soldiers as well, they have given their service and their lives.

  9. I absolutely love this. I want to do something like this for my grandparents. My grandfather served in WWII and my grandmother was a TB Nurse.

  10. Wow this is lovely. what a fabulous tribute, I think this is something we all should do if we are touched by someone who served. They all deserve tributes!

  11. I absolutely LOVE this wall to those you love. What a true sacrifice they have given. You definitely have a lot to be thankful for and so do I thanks =to their service.

  12. What a nice tribute to the members of your family who served. You must be so proud of them . I like all those
    framed memorabilia!

  13. Tammy, I love this! What an amazing family you have. I loved reading about their lives and sacrifices they’ve made for our freedom. I think the Hero Wall is a fantastic idea – especially since it’s your family’s legacy. So beautiful!

  14. Your kids and grandchildren will be proud that they belong to a family of brave and heroic soldiers. You must be having that smile each time you see your bravery wall. Kudos and i salute your family.

  15. This is such a wonderful way to honor your family members who served. I am not sure who in my family has served.

  16. You family is truly inspirational. Hats off to their courage and resilience in face of adversity and to you for bravely supporting their difficult career choices.

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