Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair

Have an old aluminum lawn chair that needs repair? Follow these easy instructions and bring back the retro glory of that chair.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

Father’s Day is right around the corner and looking for a gift for Mr. G is really hard.  He doesn’t like fancy or electronics, but his passion is fixing things around the house.

After going through his shop, I noticed he didn’t have anything cordless.  Then it came to me that a cordless drill would be the most perfect gift for him.

He was so happy to receive his early Fathers Day BLACK+DECKER  20V MAX drill and was ready to use it.

First Project to work on was an old aluminum lawn chair which was handed down to me by my parents.  I love that chair.  It’s easy to store and lightweight to carry to any function and its an American Classic!

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

But, it was in bad shape and needed to have all the webbing changed.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

It was a miracle no one sat in it and fell through.  It was time to give it a facelift.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

While his new drill was charging up, hubby began removing all the old webbing.  Next, it was time to give it a good scrub.  The arms were nasty!!

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

The aluminum was in bad shape too.  It was still just as sturdy, it just needed a good cleaning.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

You can find lawn chair webbing online and we got ours on eBay.  Hubby used the old webbing for a length pattern. for each strand.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

The old webbing was put in with screws and washers and this is where hubby’s new drill came into action.  Perfect for this job!  Just take the end of one piece of webbing, turn the edges in to form a point, push the screw through webbing with the washer and use the drill to screw them in tightly.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

Having “before” pictures of the chair will help with how the webbing was arranged on the chair.

Aluminum Lawn Chair DIY Repair + {Giveaway}

He realized that after using the drill how lightweight it was and his arm wasn’t tired after putting in all those screws and washers. You can see in the picture above how nicely it fits comfortably in his hand. Normally this job would’ve taken much longer using a regular screwdriver. But not with the speed of the drill and the battery power was strong through the whole project.

I love having my old lawn chair back and I love the color of the webbing.

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  1. My husband would use it for projects around the house or work. Thanks for the chance 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. Oh gosh I am always trying to fix something at my place so this would really come in handy. Just got me some new shelves that need to be assembled so guess that would be my first project. Thanks for the chance to win.


  3. My hubby would love it! We are building a new deck this summer and it would come in handy.

  4. I love taking care of small DIY jobs around our house and want my daughters to learn how to do more on their own, too. I’d love to win this to give to my oldest daughter, who recently moved into an apartment of her own and is starting without any tools. I did give her a little set of hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.) so she at least has something, but she needs something that will help when it comes to putting up curtains, etc.

  5. I would use this drill to install shelving in our garage.

  6. My son has pretty much destroyed the runners in his dressers, I would use the drill to replace them if I won the giveaway.

  7. First of all Kudos to you for fixing your beach chair. I used to love the aluminum type beach chairs–very comfortable. If I wond the drill-it would be a birthday gift for my hubby to do repairs around the house!

  8. WE have recently purchased our first house, which is badly in need of a lot of repairs.My husband would use the 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Drill and Circular Saw from BLACK+DECKER in so many home projects.As of right now we are renovating our bathroom and upgrading our garage to make a laundry room.To many reasons why this bad boy would do wonders in my house.Would help get many of the now and future tasks out of the way.Thanks so much for the chance to make my hubby one lucky,happy man.

  9. This looks like a nice drill and my husband would love it.. He is always fixing things around the house. I need to repair my favorite lawn chair that I use for fishing.

  10. What a great transformation. I hate throwing things away, so when it’s possible to refinish or reupholster something, I always try to do it. This came out wonderfully.

  11. The heat kills all of our outdoor furniture. I wish I knew of this great way to refurbish damaged lawn chairs….great idea too to take a “before” pic

  12. Oh my gosh! I would love the drill for my husband. He is so handy around the house, so I know he would use it for little projects. I’d like to redecorate our bedroom soon. We left the paint that was there when we bought the house, and it wasn’t really my taste. I am sure there will be things to install when we finally redesign!

  13. My husband is always having to fix things so he definitely would put this to use. Great job on that chair!

  14. I am wanting to redo my girls’ bedroom. And it can really pricey to buy all new furniture so I have been repurposing olds or yard sale finds…but either using a screw driver or a hammer. For bigger projects I have had to bring things to Lowes and ask them for help, so I used this to save my hands and speed this project up and maybe even tackle bigger ideas I have!

  15. This is indeed a great idea and I actually have done this to the aluminum lawn chairs before. I love the red and white that you have chosen. Thanks for sharing the DIY repair idea.

  16. My boyfriend loves projects like this and we do have a few aluminum lawn chairs that are in need of repair. This couldn’t have come at a better time! 🙂

  17. This is a fun DIY project! I love how simple it is to make and thanks for sharing the step-by-step tutorial

  18. Omg love this!!!! My grandma has a bunch of chairs like this. I should re-do them for her!

  19. Oh I never knew how to do that! I have a chair I need to repair! Thank you!! I would use the BLACK + DECKER drill to make a raised garden bed! I container garden now, but would love to move it all over to a raised bed. Would give the plants so much more room to grow!

  20. I Would Use The BLACK + DECKER Drill To Build A Swing For My Patio.

  21. I think I’d use it to fix lawn chairs as well. Thanks for the tutorial-I have a few chairs that would have gone to waste otherwise.

  22. I would repair the fence around the house,put some shelves for storage in the basement,and house lady want a gazebo,would do that too.

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