Mothers Day Printable in a Distressed Frame

Mother’s Day Printable in a Distressed Frame which is easy to make and will make a lovely gift for any mom.

My son over the years

I so enjoy Mother’s Day and with my “baby” living so far away, I don’t get to see him very often.  We do enjoy our conversations on the phone or some of our long texts in between his work and concerts.

What a talented young man he is too. As a mother, I couldn’t be prouder of him. He is basically self-taught in all the instruments he plays with Violin being his major instrument.  When he started college, his major instrument was a tuba.  You can imagine how surprised I was when he called me halfway through college wanting to change his major instrument to the violin.  He has never played the violin until college.  But, after a few semesters of classes, he was playing in the local symphony.

He also conducts too!  I was able to enjoy one of his sessions at a Mother’s Day concert a few years back.  He teaches music to Junior and High school children and still plays in the local area orchestras.

So what better way to express our love for our Mother’s then a printable for her to enjoy.  And how about making a frame to go with it too.

Mother's Day Printable in a Distressed Frame

While cleaning out my office closet a few months ago, I came across a 5 x 7-inch craft frame that would be perfect for this.  Don’t you just love finding treasures you didn’t know you had?

First I searched through my craft paint and decided on cranberry.  It’s so bright and cheery.  I then looked in the garage for some black spray paint and found a can of dark primer with just a little bit in it.  Perfect.  Use it up and another item out of the garage.


One coat of the dark primer. (I wasn’t worried about a good cover of this since it was going to be underneath the other color)


Two coats of the cranberry paint.

After the frame is thoroughly dried, sand on the edges with a fine sandpaper a bit to make some of the black show through and it’s finished!

If my frame had been another color or darker wood, I would’ve just painted it with the cranberry paint and let the natural wood show through.

Next, click on the download link or picture below, save the picture to your computer and print out the 5 x 7 inch printable on card stock and you have a beautiful, easy and quick gift for Mom.

Mother's Day Printable


It turned out so well that I couldn’t have asked for a better color of the frame to go with the printable.  I can’t wait to give it to Mom!

Mother's Day Printable in a Distressed Frame

I love this picture of my mom, my baby brother and me.  Don’t you just love the cat eyeglasses?  Such a glamorous style back then.  I love those glasses.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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  1. This is such a beautiful craft and makes a really pretty keepsake! Your son must have a natural knack for music and sounds like a really quick learner. I’m hoping one of our children will become proficient with an instrument, too!

    1. Thank you Anne. My son is just incredibly talented. I am a little musically inclined, but he was surely blessed with music. Thanks for stopping by

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