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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.

Waiting on a hurricane

Hurricane Dorian is in the record books now. We have been through a few hurricanes over the years and know what we need to do to prepare before the event starts. But the anticipation and waiting for it to come is just exhausting! Living about 100 miles from either coast gives us a bit of security. We mainly prepare for when the power goes out and trying to keep items cold and frozen in the freezer and fridge is a struggle. Please pray for all those who were affected by this devastating storm.

Hurricane Dorian after

After Dorian passed over and headed north and the sun was setting, the beauty of the sky was just amazing. All the beautiful shades of orange, purple, pink and red. 

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed – Psalm 107:29

solar charger

I purchased a solar charger a few months back in anticipation for hurricane season which is perfect for our hurricane survival box. I do have a couple of other battery chargers for my phone, but when you use up the charge and there is no power, we needed a backup for the backup. So I started learning about solar chargers.

Open up the charger where all 4 panels are facing the sun and that’s it. There are lights on the side which tell you when it’s fully charged. If you are on a trip or going camping, lay it in the car window as you are traveling in the car. You can charge it up also via micro USB included. I am able to charge my phone 2 times with charge left on it. Let the charger sit in the sun while you are charging to keep the battery charged up. Great for outdoor living.

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Godzilla King of the Monsters

I’m a huge Godzilla fan from way back and I was so excited to see the latest movie was streaming on Amazon. It did not disappoint and IMO, is the BEST one so far. It also stars Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things.  Loved it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I can’t wait until Kong vs Godzilla comes out in March 2020!! I’m also a Kong fan and who will end up being victorious in that movie? 

Godzilla 1956

I watched my very first Godzilla movie when I was just a little girl also called, Godzilla: King of the Monsters which was made in 1954 starring Raymond Burr, and the first Godzilla movie. It’s such old school special effects and black and white, but I still thought it was great. And I had to see more over the years of my life. 


A little farmhouse fall decor from Robbie @homehydrangea in Instagram

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  1. That picture is beautiful of the sunset! My Mom lives in Texas and has dealt with a few hurricanes since living there, it is such a terrifying ordeal. The solar powered phone chargers is a great idea! I did not know about those, thank you for sharing.

  2. I also love the sunset photo! And that charger would be great to have, not only for emergency preparedness, but also for things like camping and traveling when an electrical outlet is not always available!

  3. I like that analogy about waiting for a hurricane. It must be so stressful to live in a hurricane prone area. My daughter-in-law has a solar powered phone charger and loves it. She takes when she goes camping and also uses it when the power goes out.

  4. That sky is just incredible. God is quite the artist! Have never heard of solar phone chargers. We have ooodles of days of sunshine in El Paso. This would be the perfect way to recharge our phones in an emergency situation. Thankfully, we don’t have many of those.

  5. I love reading your rambles, I am also intrigued by a solar charger, that’s actually a pretty neat idea. I’ll have to look into getting that for my family so we can stop having to find our charging cords and such all of the time.

  6. The photo of the sunset afte the Dorian passed over is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us your experience!

  7. A solar charger is really an essential. It’s going to help you a lot when in times of need if another hurricane arrives. You’re such a girl scout.

  8. We have a couple of solar phone chargers. Pretty neat but we rarely use them as they don’t seem to hold a charge as long as some of our other chargers. Let’s talk about Godzilla though. It’s been around forever. It’s hard to believe new Godzilla movies are still being made

  9. A solar charger is such a great idea! We are in California, so hurricanes are not our fear as much as earthquakes. But it would be a big relief to be able to stay better connected with family and friends in case of an emergency.

  10. I have been wanting a solar charger because during the spring and fall, I love to spend time outdoors as much as possible. I like to walk around and shoot photos or let my kids play at the park. But when we are out and about, if I am using my camera a bunch or my phone then I like having a way to charge it on the go. I’ll have to get one, maybe ill ask Santa. 🙂

    I don’t miss hurricane season. I lived about 100 miles off the coast of NC and went through several of them. Floyd was the worst one we dealt with and it had severe flooding inland that no one expected. It created a huge mess.

  11. That sky photo and pumpkin decorations looks really nice. I wish I had that long porch. My porch is small so I can keep only 1-2 pumpkins.

  12. I am so glad I am not in hurricane valley, that quote is hilarious, but if I was going through it, not so much lol

  13. It’s okay to ramble as long as you’re offering something valuable haha (which you did well here) . BTW, I love that Fall decorated porch and that beautiful sunset sky reminds me to go out more and enjoy nature 🙂

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