Just Some Ramblings

I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.


Raise your hand if you have had one of those weeks were things just aren’t working out.

This has been my week:

  1. The freezer in the garage has ice all on the bottom of it.
  2. The microwave door broke,
  3. The freezer in the kitchen decided to shoot water out from the ice maker and when I opened the door, it looked like a frozen waterfall in the back.
  4. The car won’t start and needed a new battery to replace the 3-year-old new battery we had. The place where we had to go to exchange the battery because it has a 5-year warranty is closed because they aren’t deemed essential! ? Thank goodness Mr. G knows how to change a battery and we bought a battery off the shelf.
  5. We had a flat tire. Well, not really a flat tire. The tire basically exploded as we were going down the road. Two new tires later, we are back on the road.

Lets talk summer


I wanted to share one of my favorite beauty products I use during summertime. I really don’t like to wear heavy foundation/makeup when it’s so hot outside because it just seems to melt off my face when I walk outside in Florida heat. But I do love Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer with SPF18. It’s very light on the skin and I can’t tell I’m wearing anything at all, but has a tint of color. It comes in 7 different colors and I wear Light/Medium for my fair skin. It’s just enough coverage for fresh-looking skin.


Mr. G has been working on a new garden flag for our front yard out of sheet metal. It turned out wonderfully. The only part I contributed was cutting out the vinyl stars with my Cameo. You can read how this is made HERE. He made the flag basically the same as the Pallet Flag using the same paints but this time we used a small piece of sheet metal instead of wood.

My favorite summer items



I love this simple patriotic pot display that’s so easy to make and perfect for the holiday. I found this inspiration and how to make this project at Southern Hospitality.

Happy Independence Day to all my US friends!


Friend to Friend 

A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden – Unknown⁠

Just ramblin’ on,



  1. Oh man, you’ve been going through a lot! I hate when so many things break down.

    I love your 4th of July decor! I need to get all of mine out.

  2. When it rains it pours and I am glad I do not have problems with my tech gadgets or car at this time. I do want to enjoy the nice hot weather we are having now.

  3. Oh no – what a week! Why it is everything always goes wrong and needs sorting at once?!
    I hope things get better and you have a lovely summer ahead.

  4. Sounds like a stressful week. I hope the next one is better for you. I’ve had a hard week to but the good news is there’s always a new one 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had really bad week 🙁 But don’t worry I’m sure the next one will be much better!
    The Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer sounds interesting. I have never heard of it but I will have to check it out.

  6. That does sound like a lot to handle in one week! I’m glad that you were able to get your car battery and tires! It looks like you are all set for the Fourth of July!

  7. Sounds like you had a stressful week hopefully the weekend is better for you!!! happy friday

  8. Life really does become more manageable with time. Some days can hit like a tornado though.

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