DIY Outdoor USA Pallet Garden Flag

Easy DIY project using pallet boards to make a USA flag to hang on a garden flag pole. This flag will last much longer too! #pallet #DIY #patriotic

Easy DIY project using pallet boards to make a USA flag to hang on a garden flag pole. This flag will last much longer too

I have had some form of a USA flag outside our home for several years now.  Mainly a garden-style flag since we don’t really have a lot of room for a flagpole and the wind can get really intense here to put one on our home.

Year after year I had to replace my USA garden-style flag.  The wind would slap it around and rip it so badly that it would hang up on the pole.  It faded within weeks in the Florida heat and sun.  It was time to make something heavier, stronger, and would last.

Be sure to check out the new flag project we made out of metal below.

DIY Outdoor USA Pallet Garden Flag

Supplies you need:

DIY Outdoor USA Pallet Garden Flag

First, we decided how long we wanted the boards to be.  For my garden flag poles, I needed them to be 20 inches long.  I love how old pallet boards look.

Then we spray painted all three boards with primer.  It’s always a good idea to spray basically anything with primer to help paint adhere nicely.

DIY Outdoor USA Pallet Garden Flag

We taped off 2 boards to spray the bottom area with 2 coats of red and let dry. The middle board will be white, so I left it primer white.

Next, tape off the tops of the boards so you can paint the top parts with two coats of blue.  The tools laying under the boards are to hold up the blue ends of the boards to dry on both sides.

Cut out stars on the white Oracle 615 white glossy vinyl with your cutting machine and add to the boards.  Then spray several coats of clear lacquer to seal the boards to last longer.

I have 3 garden flag poles and two of them are the same kind and we connected them together with black zip ties to hold them together to form an upside-down U shape.

Since the garden flag poles are black, we spray painted the eye screws, and the S hooks black so they would match.  Hubby attached 2 eye screws to each board.

Easy DIY project using pallet boards to make a USA flag to hang on a garden flag pole. This flag will last much longer too

I am so proud of how this project turned out and will have a beautiful patriotic flag back in the front yard that will last and last.

Easy DIY project using pallet boards to make a USA flag to hang on a garden flag pole. This flag will last much longer

UPDATE: Mr. G wanted to make a flag using a piece of aluminum sheet metal 12 x 24 inches and using basically the same techniques as above. As you can see in the picture, it turned out beautifully. He did the same process on both sides of the metal. 

He cut the metal down with metal snipping shears so that it would fit nicely on the garden flag holder.

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  1. So sorry you had to retire your flag. Coming from a long line of military (grandfather, dad, uncle and husband), I know it is so important that the flag is always treated with utmost respect and not displayed when it’s dilapidated; good for you for retiring of it properly. 4th of July is HUGE for us (my favorite holiday) and I love your project. Such a great homage to our country and easy to keep it looking good with fresh coats of paint!

    1. Hi Heather. I come from a long line too and was raised in the military, so I want to make sure I have old glory out in my yard. Thanks for stopping by

  2. That is gorgeous! I am in Canada so I’d need to do a red and white one but that would be so perfect for my yard! So very pretty and festive (for the 4th, or canada day or just to show spirit in general) very nice!

  3. What brilliant idea. And it looks gorgeous in your yard. Happy July 4th Day.

  4. This DIY outdoor USA pallet garden flag is a great idea. It looks great and won’t wrap, rip, or tear from the winds. Thanks for sharing this awesome project.

  5. That’s a nice take for the flag, it’s really creative and brilliant! That’s a job well done, really. Thanks for the instructions too!

  6. Oh, this is so creative and brilliant. I like how you use some pallets for this. I am also thinking of the same but not with a flag but with our family’s surname.

  7. I agree, if you skip the primer, you’ll very likely regret it later. This turned out great!

  8. This is a nice idea. I want to have one in my garden too, luckily, I have some pallets at our backyard.

  9. Love this! Such a cute idea and it looks fairly easy for someone like me who is not very crafty!!

  10. I really love pallet crafts! While it’s not really a craft, we built up a floor for a room in the basement with pallets. So that anything put in the room wouldn’t sit in water if the basement were to leak. I can’t believe my mom and I haven’t done anything fun with pallets, they are readily available around here.

  11. This looks amazing Tammy – such a great fresh way to have some patriotic curb appeal. Thanks for sharing on Wonderful Wednesday blog hop!

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