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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.


The end of October is almost here and I can feel a little bit of a hint of cooler weather here in Central Florida (happy dance). This time of the year reminds me of our recent wonderful trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. Oh, the beauty of all there is breathtakingtaking!

I will be in Georgia this week and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful fall foliage, pumpkins and hope I can snag some pecans to bring home.

Facebook Hacked

I’m sure many of you read where Facebook was affected by a security incident and I hope none of your accounts were breached. Find out if your Facebook account was affected by the recent breach on this page. Make sure you’re logged in and look for the blue box at the bottom.

Wing iphone 6s

I am very frugal when it comes to spending money for cell phone service. So for years, I was using Ting as my cell phone service provider. They offer packages where you pay for only what you use. My bill usually ran about $18.00 a month because I didn’t use that much data or should I say, I was afraid to use much talk and text time. Ting provided the cell service I needed, but I had to really watch my usage.

Wing Cell Phone Service

Then, as I was trolling around the internet, I found a new service provider called Wing. They offer UNLIMITED talk and text and also offer different data packages depending on how much you normally use. I was so excited about the unlimited talk and text!! I choose the 500 Mb for $15.00 a month, but if you want unlimited data, those plans start at $70 a month. Not only will I be saving a couple dollars a month, but now I don’t have to worry about paying more for talk or text or going over my basic plan price. There is also a family plan.

Plan Includes
  • Unlimited voice & SMS
  • HD voice & WiFi Calling
  • Visual voicemail
  • Device tethering/hotspot
  • Picture & video messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Caller ID

They also offer inexpensive plans for international traveling.

The transfer process from Ting was done very quickly, with no troubles at all, by Wing.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a really low cell phone bill and makes a great Christmas gift.

Interested in a cheaper cell phone provider? Use my code >> wingtammy40 << for $25 credit on your bill

You can either bring your own cell phone to Wing or they have phone plans to choose from with 0% financing if you need that. You can check if your phone is compatible.

Here is another perk using Wing. At the end of each month, they will credit you back the difference between the data you paid for and the data you actually used!

For example: if you’re on a 5GB pocket but only use 3.4GB of data during your cycle, we round you up to the nearest half GB and credit you back the difference between the prices of the 3.5GB and 5GB pockets.

I purchase my cell phones from Amazon and don’t pay a cent for them.

Wanna know how I do that?

I use their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card and with every purchase, you receive Amazon credit points. I use that card for basically everything I purchase. Groceries, gas, restaurants, drugstores, shopping, doctor visits, everything! You will receive 5% back when you shop at Amazon. If you buy a lot at Amazon as I do, your points will accumulate fast! And then when its time to buy a new phone, I have enough points to purchase one through Amazon and don’t have to pay a cent for it! That is saving me over $300+ for a new phone.

Don’t forget to use my code >> wingtammy40 << for $25 credit on your first bill

The only thing you have to lose is paying out more money for your cell phone service.

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fall inspiration 2018

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  1. I had heard about the Facebook breach but I had no idea how to check if my account had been affected – so thank you – I’ve just check up and it is saying I wasn’t so *touch wood* hey!

  2. Enjoyed reading your ramblings as usual. Have the perfect cell phone plan that works for you is important. I really hate hackers, honestly don’t they have anything else better to do.

  3. I do want a low cell phone bill, so I’ll have to look into this. We pay too much right now.

    Ugh, I was worried my Facebook was hacked but I think I’m okay.

  4. My cell service is outrageous. I have ATT and it is crazy how much I pay for TV, internet and cell service. And I get a university discount and a package discount!

  5. Love the idea of getting credit back on unused data! I never reach my limit and I feel like I’m throwing money down the drain. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Time flies so fast. It’s already end of October and we’ll start preparing for the holidays. Didn’t the new year just start? LOL

  7. I just checked to see if I was breached or not and I wasn’t. Thank you for showing me where I could check. Hackers make me wanna pull my hair out with how many times I’ve heard and seen the stuff that happens when they get in your system.

  8. I love visiting the Smoky Mountains in the fall. The leaves are so beautiful then. And getting pecans in Georgia is always fun. Since we live here my son has already picked up a bushel.

  9. I actually got worried about the hacking incident and when my accounts keeps on being blocked. Surely they have the back up plans to be able to secure our accounts. Hopefully it will not be repeated.

  10. My cell phone bill is high, i really need to consider buying other plans! I don’t use my minutes a lot but having an unlimited data plan is a must.

  11. Happily I was missed by the Facebook breach. It’s so upsetting how often this seems to happen these days!

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