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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.


There is just something special about strolling downtown in small towns and enjoying all the window candy and decor they have displayed. There is always so much to find in these small hometown stores. Especially those which serve food! I’m glad to see there are still so many small towns that have downtowns bustling with business and folks enjoying the quaintness.

I especially loved the fall look of this store window by @urbanfarmhousebellmore on Instagram. I would certainly step into that store and browse around.

Mr. G and I went on a day trip after watching the Netflix documentary called Bob Ross: The Happy Painter. We both are big fans of Bob Ross’ show that was on PBS for so many years. Then after he passed away in 1995, it seemed everything about Bob Ross disappeared. Then the documentary came out a few weeks ago and it broke our hearts what money and greed will do to a partnership. His son is telling his story of what has happened to the Bob Ross empire after his dad passed. A must-watch for sure.

We also found out that Bob Ross was born and raised most of his life in Central Florida and he was buried about an hour from our home. So we had to go see the grave at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Gotha, FL and his gravesite is found at Section O, Lot 537.

To find the gravesite, look for the statue of the holy family praying with a coliseum-type monument behind them, shown in the picture above. You will also see a marker that says Section O at the edge of the road. Facing the road in front of the statues, you will find his grave close to the road. I’ve seen several pictures of his grave and he has many visitors who leave mementos of him.

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I love graphic t-shirts but I’m a bit picky in the ones I wear. This is just too cute for Halloween. It’s not really gaudy and I love the colors. This shirt also comes in a Fall version too. Check them out HERE and they are on sale too.


Hallmark Christmas movies are starting October 22! Fa la la la laaaaaaaaaa I’m a sucka for Hallmark Christmas movies.

Virgin River announced they will be having a season 4 and a season 5!! Check out the cute announcement below on IG.

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  1. I have been watching Virgin River as well. It’s pretty cheesy but entertaining enough.

    I will have to watch the Bob Ross documentary!

  2. I looove Christmas movies. They seem to start them earlier each year which is great!!! Looking forward to those.

  3. So true, small towns are so quaint and charming. I also do love just walking down the main streets and looking around. Can’t believe Hallmark Christmas movies are already starting this month. This year has flown by, but I do have admit I love the holiday season. Cheers.

  4. After the ending of Season 3, I cannot wait for Season 4 to begin. I don’t know why I keep thinking it is all a dream of Jack’s induced by anesthesia. LOL. I’ve thought about this a lot. 🙂 And every year I complain that Hallmark Movies are starting too early, and EVERY YEAR I WATCH THEM! I can’t help myself!

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