14 Days of Love: Do Projects Together

Doing projects together is a perfect way to learn how to communicate with each other and learn from each other.

14 days of love during Valentines season is useful for every marriage and relationship. Here are 14 things to enjoy together.

Do Projects Together!

I’ve always heard that 2 heads are better than 1.

But is it really true?

I think so.

Do Projects Together

Hubby and I have been partners on many projects.  We use to refurbish homes and had a painting business together.  We learned each other’s ways and worked really well together.

When I first started working with him, I had no clue about working on homes at all.  He would give me pretty easy jobs to do at first and was very good at explaining everything that needed to be done.  I was the worst at hammering nails and still am, but always seemed to get the job done.  Then one day he said,

“I need you to cut a hole in this wall.”  Huh?? 

He wanted me to cut a hole in the wall where new plumbing was going for a washer and dryer?  He explained exactly what needed to be done and before I knew it, I had the perfect hole cut out just the size he asked for and I was quite proud of myself!  As time passed by I was putting in door knobs, electrical outlets, sinks and paint like a pro.

Now we pretty much just do small projects around the house.  Such as craft projects.  I found out very early on he does not like to decoupage.  He thought that was a bit too YaYa for him.

Do Projects Together

The latest craft task we worked on together was to carve out a heart with our initials on it for Valentines Day decor.  Now that was right up his alley.  Working with wood and a knife.  Ar..ar…ar!

Do Projects Together

He did the carving and I used my burn tool and a black marker to make the heart and letters stand out just a bit more.  I love it!!

Enjoy working on a project together.  You never know what two people can make.

What projects do you love doing with your loved one?

Do small things with great love!

Enjoy the love,


* * * *

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  1. my husband’s love language is working with his hands: repairs, installing hardwood floors, building our daughter a closet as soon as we knew she was a little girl on the way… so i just love seeing husband and wives doing projects like this together… and that carved heart? so, so cute!

    1. Mine too Tara. He can do so many different things with tools and put things back together I think is broke for good. I had never thought of it as a “Love Language” though. I will be sure to tell him that. Thanks for stopping by

  2. That’s awesome that you and your husband do creative projects together. LOVE this project at hand. Too bad I have nobody to carve my initials with. But, no worries! I can definitely do this on my own.

  3. That is a great Valentine’s Day craft decor design. I think it is great that y’all work together so well. We were in our last house for 13 years & always seemed to have a project going on. I love that my husband is such a handy-man. He is great at delegating as well, but I have learned so much from him.
    Dropping by from The SITS Girls

  4. I love it when my husband and I are able to work on a project together! I’ve done a wood-burning craft with my husband before–he likes wood-burning, so I wrote a verse in Chinese that I wanted on a board, and he did the burning part!

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