14 Days of Love: Go on a Date

Date nights are such a great idea for couples. Make time to be alone with each other with a few of these date ideas.

14 days of love during Valentines season is useful for every marriage and relationship. Here are 14 things to enjoy together.

Go on a Date!!

Some of the words I love to hear are “Let’s go on a date”.  Even though it comes from my husband, it still means the same as it did the first time he asked me out.  Our last Date Day was at the County Fair and what fun that was for the both of us.  I love holding his hand as we stroll and not have a care in the world.  Watching the band with my head on his shoulders.  My hubby, my love, my rock!!

Here are a few ideas for some fun dates:

Go on a date

Oh, Hello Friend tells us about how much fun you can have at the drive in.  I use to go all the time with my family when we were smaller and there is actually a drive-in down the road.  How romantic it would be to set up the back of the car like the picture above.  Snuggle time!!

go on a date

How about those date nights on a dime?  The Well Nourished Nest gives some really romantic and not hard on the wallet dates.  Going out for dessert, enjoying the $1.00 movie theater, game night and more.

Go on a date

My favorite way to have a really romantic date is to just plainly stay at home.  Every Day Cheer has many ideas for a date night at home.  Have dinner outside, watch sports together, listen to music and just dance, dress up and have a really nice meal and one of my favorites is to watch our wedding DVD.

Mason Date Jar

We do have our own Date Jar and you can find so many cute ideas for this on Pinterest.   We wrote what we love to do the most and I have a few blank sticks for when we come up with a new idea.   I just used a simple mason jar, some Popsicle sticks and printed out a cute mason jar label.

Have fun with your dating experience with your loved one.  Make it fun, reconnect and just take time to love one another.

Do small things with great love!

Enjoy the love,


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  1. Oh I love these ideas! I was just going to be writing 52 dates under $20! I don’t think I’ll get it done in time for Valentines 🙁 But I love your post! Thanks for linking at Pintastic Pinteresting Party!

  2. Such some fun ideas for Valentines Day.

    I also grew up going to a drive in with my family. Some of my favorite memories, it made me feel like I was living in the 50’s and 60’s! I am hoping to take my son there this summer couple times. Our closes drive in is about an hour away. So it will be a nice little drive too!

    Thank you for sharing these ideas!

  3. I appreciate date nights so much more than I used to now that we have kids:) Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

    1. You are so welcome. It was a great post and I wanted to share it with others. Great ideas for frugal dates. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I really enjoyed your blog, date night is so important, even at our age! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it is always so fun to hear comments!

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