Why I Make My Own Yogurt

Learn how to make your own yogurt with the Instant Pot. It’s easy, it’s cheaper and it so creamy and healthy for you.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

There are so many reasons why I make my own yogurt.  I’ve been making yogurt now for over a year and I have no reason to buy from the store now.  It really saves me so much money and its a great way for me to get the calcium I need since my system doesn’t like calcium supplements.

What I use to make yogurt

I only use whole milk since it has many more vitamins in it, which my body needs. I know some people use 2% milk, but whole milk will make the yogurt much creamier and thicker.  I use either Yogurtmet or Cultures for Health yogurt starters. I have also used my own yogurt as a starter and you can use yogurt from the store but be sure it says Live Active Yogurt Cultures on the packaging.

UPDATE: I mainly use a small container of plain yogurt from the grocery store for my starter now. It seems to make a much thicker yogurt.

Yes, I use an electric pressure cooker to make my yogurt. I have tried using one pot on the stove, but I ended up using several pots in the process. One to cook in and one to cool down the jars before adding the culture.  I also had to use a cooler for the jars to sit in while the yogurt was incubating.

I wanted to use just one pot for the whole job and make clean up easier.

How I Make My Yogurt

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

Put the steamer rack in the bottom of the Instant Pot and add 1 cup of water to help the milk steam.  Set in 4 clean Mason jars and add the milk to the bottom rim of the jars.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

Twist the Instant Pot lid in place and make sure the vent on top of the unit is turned toward “sealing” and the unit is plugged in.  Push the Steam button and adjust the minutes to 1 minute.  It takes only a few minutes for it to run the steam cycle and do a natural release. 

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

When the release is finished, I turn the IP off and take the lid off to start the cooling process. As time passes, you will see a skim on top of the milk.  That’s very normal and all I do is take a spoon to skim it off and discard it.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

I usually set a timer for 30 minutes and check the temperature by adding a thermometer in the milk and wait for it to get to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50-55 degrees Celsius. My thermometer has a clip on the side to hold it to the jar. That temp is crucial for making thick yogurt and it will take several minutes to get to the right temp. I have found that 60 minutes will usually be long enough for the temp to get down to 120 degrees. Just don’t walk away from it for a long period of time or set a timer you can hear. This is when I usually do some kitchen chores so I am close by.

I have ruined a few jars of yogurt because I didn’t wait for the temp to get to 120 degrees and added the yogurt starter anyway.  All I ended up with was watery milk.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

After you reach the correct temperature, divide the yogurt starter into 4’s and add it to the milk and stir well. Follow the directions of the yogurt starter for how much to use in each batch of yogurt.  For my batch of 4-pint jars, it’s one packet.  

If you are using purchased yogurt already made, just divide equally among each jar and stir well. Make sure to buy plain yogurt with live cultures in it or your homemade yogurt won’t set. This is my preferred method now for a yogurt starter. You can also add a splash of vanilla to each jar if you enjoy that flavor. Mix each jar very well with a spoon.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

Twist the Instant Pot lid in place and make sure the vent on top of the unit is turned toward “sealing”.  Plug the unit back in, and press the Yogurt button and set the time following your yogurt starters instructions.  It ranges from 4 – 6 hours.  If you are using real yogurt starter the time would be 6 hours.  Now you just wait until the time is up and your yogurt is done. The instant pot is not heating up in this process.  It’s just keeping the yogurt at a level temperature while it incubates.  “Yogt” will appear on the display once incubation is complete and you will hear the beeps.

After the timer has gone off, remove the lid, place the lids on the jars and set in the fridge for a few hours to completely cool off and firm up more before you enjoy.  It will last about a month in the fridge.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

When you spoon out any of the yogurt, you will notice a watery substance when you open the jar later.  This is called “whey” and is normally drained from the yogurt you get from the store.  I just pour it off and spoon out what I want to eat.  Don’t mix it in the yogurt or it will make it runny.  I have read articles on how to drain this off after you make your yogurt, but that was a step I didn’t care to do and makes the process even longer.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

This method is the easiest of all the methods I have tried.  For 4 pints of yogurt, it costs me about $3.00 which is the price for a 1/2 gallon of milk and 1 container of plain yogurt.  If you use your own yogurt for starter, it’s even cheaper.

One of the cons of making your own yogurt is it is a bit time-consuming.  The process from beginning to end takes about 8 hours.  But 4 – 6 hours of that time, the yogurt is just incubating and you can go on with your day.

Why I Make My Own Yogurt

Why I Make My Own Yogurt?

  • It’s cheaper
  • I know what’s in my yogurt
  • I’m not throwing a bunch of plastic yogurt cartons in the trash
  • The Instant Pot method has much less cleanup
  • It tastes great

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I love making my own yogurt with the Instant Pot. It's easy, it's cheaper and it so creamy and healthy for you.

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  1. I am so interested in trying this! I can’t have regular yogurt because of lactose intolerant, but I would love to make something like this with my lactose-free milk. I absolutely love yogurt.

  2. I’ve seen quite a few people doing this lately and I’d really like to give it a try! We love yogurt and we tend to buy really expensive greek yogurt, so this could definitely help us save a bit if I can get it right. lol

  3. I make homemade yogurt every week. If I want greek yogurt I just strain it so it will be thicker. I don’t own an instant pot but that doesn’t have to stop someone from making their own yogurt. Homemade is the best.

    1. You are so right Candy. There are so many ways to make yogurt, but I was using so many utensils in my small kitchen that just using the Instant Pot kept me from doing that. And homemade is the best. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I have never thought about making my own yogurt, but now that we are raising our own dairy goats I think I might give it a try. Thanks for the info.

  5. I have seen so many recipes for the Instant Pot lately. It’s really making me want to get one. We eat a ton of yogurt so it would save money for us to make our own.

  6. I can’t wait to try your recipe in my new electric pressure cooker. I’m looking for recipes that I know we’ll enjoy. I don’t mind that it’s time consuming, most of my recipes are.

  7. I would love to try making my own yogurt. It looks easy to do and delicious. I will have to save this post.

  8. I am allergic to yogurt but this recipe looks like a great one for those who want to be more in control of their food and love to cook. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  9. I would so love to try my hand at making my own yoghurt one day. This looks like an easy enough process

  10. This InstantPot looks likes great for making your own yogurt. I know a friend who has been looking for a yogurt maker so I will have to share this with him. Thanks for sharing the information and this awesome machine.

  11. Amazing! I never thought it could be done at home! I could follow this recipe and if it turns out perfect, maybe I can start experimenting with adding fruits in it. Maybe this could make me start a small business. Homemade yogurt. 🙂 But first, I have to get an Instant Pot!

  12. Wow, this is pretty neat. I did a lot of canning over the summer and didn’t realize that I could be making yogurt too.

    1. I hope everything went well for Char. I know it took me a couple of times before I felt really comfortable doing this process. Thanks for stopping by.

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