The 2 F’s for Auto Maintenance

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It only takes 15 minutes to change the air filter in your car. Let us show you how easily this can be done with Fram filters.

It only takes 15 minutes to change the air filter in your car. Let us show you how easily this can be done with Fram filters

One of the qualities I love about hubby is he is always on top of any maintenance work needed on items on our home.  Our car is his biggest job.  Taking care of our car is one of his joys to do.  Our Honda CRV is almost 15 years old and it runs like a charm, mostly due to his constant care.  He taught me a while back the 2 F’s in auto maintenance and I would like to share that information with you too.

I know the last thing on your mind this time of the year is car maintenance, but just a few minutes will make a difference in your car’s performance.

Car maintenance isn’t the most glamorous job, but hubby and I decided a long time ago, when money was really tight, we needed to do as much maintenance on our home and car as we could before we called someone to repair the problem. Doing our own maintenance has saved us hundreds if not, thousands of dollars! And anyone can learn how to do #SummerCarCare.

The best line of defense for a car is the 2 F’s. Fluids and Filters.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

One of the easiest maintenance jobs to do for your car is to change the air filter. A clean air filter keeps dust and dirt from circulating in your car’s engine and improve your engine’s performance. Just like in your home HVAC filter, your car filter needs to be changed on a regular basis tooSummertimeme is not the time for your car to break down.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

Our filter of choice is FRAM for our car. Hubby has been using them for years now on our 15-year-old car.  FRAM recommends changing your filter every 12,000 miles, but Honda recommends every 15,000. Follow the recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

Another great thing is all we have to do is head to our local Walmart and all the FRAM filters are located in one convenient area in the auto care area. Not sure what part to buy? Just look in their parts book for your cars make and model and your part number will be listed.

So let’s get started with this 15-minute job.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

First, remove the air filter housing which covers your filter. Your manual will show you where your filter is or you can find out more information about your car online. Youtube is a great source to teach you how to change the air filter in your car.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

After the screws are removed, pull off the top and your filter is exposed. TIP:  Put your screws in a baggie so you don’t lose them while you are working. They are almost impossible to find if they fall into the engine. Don’t ask me how I know this.  I just do.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

Pull out the old one and put in the new one. It’s that easy.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

Put the housing back on and fasten with all the screws you have in your baggie. You are done!

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

We do have a couple more steps with our Honda CRV because we have a cabin filter we change also. Its found in the glove box. The oblong white area in the picture above is where the filter is located. Just snap off that cover.

The 2 F's for Auto Maintenance

Slide-out the old filter and replace it with the new one. Snap the cover back on and you are done!



We have a 3 ring notebook with all our maintenance done on the car. Oil changes, new tires, new battery, etc. We also have a Car Maintenance Schedule which is easy to check to see what we have done in the past and what needs to be done in the future. Great check-off list. Don’t have a checklist? Just click on the download link above and print out a blank PDF version of your own.

Even though hubby does most of the maintenance around the home and on our car, I have learned that I too can change an air filter myself.

What kind of maintenance do you perform on your vehicles?



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  1. Car stuff is all my husband! He outsources the majority of it, though and I honestly don;t even know how to open the hood.

  2. Auto maintenance is so important, especially this season, since you’ll be on more trips than usual. Thanks for sharing these tips, it’s good to learn how to maintain a car so you don’t always have to rely on the boys.

  3. Well, sounds like I can help my cousin with his car troubles. Not mechanically of course, but a little love by printing that PDF and showing him this post might just make one person smile. He needs to, he’s fixing my own car.

  4. I leave all these auto stuff to hubby but cool to know just in case I need to kick him out. LOL. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Ha haa You just lost me here gal. I am a girly gal and Al this car stuff sounds like Greek to me, But I will share with the main man who deals with all this stuff 🙂

  6. You’re right, filter and fluids is the easiest maintenance tip for your vehicle, to keep it running right and have a long life.

  7. This is really a great post, I think our car need a good maintenance, Glad you share this with us

  8. Yes, the 2 Fs are so important. Filter and fluids must always be checked to avoid troubles.

  9. I have no idea about cars, but, yeah, you are so right that cars should be maintained!

  10. My husband will understand this, cars and maintenance are not my things but thanks for sharing.

  11. I would love to share this to all my friends with cars. Thanks, what a great post!

  12. I’ve never tried to do my own maintenance before. I’d love to learn how to do simple things and I might be able to learn to change my own filters.

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