My Favorite Must Have Reusable Items

Learn about well-loved products which can keep your food fresh without breaking the bank and help reduce waste.

Learn about well-loved products which can keep your food fresh without breaking the bank and help reduce waste.

In the past few years, I have been switching over to more and more reusable items in our household. The less I throw out in the trash the better. Not only for the environment but also for my bank account.  Since it can feel like a bit of an overwhelming process to switch over your life to more reusable items, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite items we are using now.

Reusable Items

HOW I am TRANSITIOning TO using more reusables

Here are some of the items I use now:

  • Cloth grocery bags 
  • Glass food storage for the fridge and freezer
  • Reusable water bottle(s) and straws
  • Reusable zipper-style bags
  • Reusable straws
  • Canning jars
  • Beeswax wrappers
  • Reusable cups

Using these storage items is also great on the family budget too. I can’t tell you how much money I have saved by not buying the zipper-type bags. I was using several of those a week, just for them to end up in the trash. Now I use the reusable zipper style bags, wash them up and store away for next time. They come in so many sizes.

I do still use a handheld FoodSaver for freezing meat since we buy in bulk. You can’t reuse the bags which come with the FoodSaver, so they do have to go in the trash. And I’m a little worried about reusing meat storage bags over anyway.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for everyone, but getting started is the key. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 

There can be sticker shock with some reusable items, such as a lunchbox. But, paying for it one time and then using it for several years will save so much money in the long run from not having to use plastic bags over and over. Think about purchasing reusable containers as a long-term investment for your family.


I love going to my local farmers market and checking out the flea market area and buying kitchen reusable items second hand whenever possible or new items at a huge discount. I have bought some really nice Tupperware for a fraction of the cost there. I have also found some great items at eBay, Goodwill, thrift and consignment stores. Watch for BOGO sales at your local grocery store and stack that sell with coupons for a better deal.

TIP: When you purchase the reusable stretch lids and/or bags, be sure to wash them well with soap and water before using them for the first time. It will help keep them from sticking together so badly. The beeswax wraps wash nicely too if soiled.

TIP: I use Removable Freezer Labels on the reusable bags when I place them in the freezer. These bags are hard to see through and the labels really help with the name and date on them. These labels really do peel off nicely with no sticky residue left.

For those who still love to write by hand, here is an affordable reusable Rocketbook notebook for school, office, home, and even something for the kids! 

Now my most favorite reusable item I use almost every day is the Rocketbook notebook. It’s a reusable notebook where you write, save your work to the cloud or send to others using an app and then wipe the pages clean with a damp rag which is included. I have 3 of these now in different sizes. I keep the small one in my purse, the large one at my desk for blogging and the medium size goes to meetings with me. Here is my review of the Rocketbook and other items they offer.

Learn about well-loved products which can keep your food fresh without breaking the bank and help reduce waste.

Another great way to reuse is to recycle your plastic and paper items. We are lucky to have our recycle items picked up at our home every week. I have been noticing more and more, products made with recycled plastic or paper items. The cover I use with my Rocektbook is made from Kraft paper and won’t contribute to waste. 

I feel one step at a time will always help in the long run. Don’t forget to share the journey with your friends and family and show them how easy it is to start using reusable items



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  1. Yes, I try to use reusable items. I have stainless steel straws, lots of cloth shopping bags, produce bags and I have plans to make my own beeswax wraps.

  2. I need to start using some of these. I am planning on picking up some metal straws. I still use plastic bags, but I re-use them at home for the cat box.

  3. I have fabric shopping bags and that’s about all that comes to mind. But I know I do more than that I just blank.

  4. I am learning more and more about reusing stuff. I still have a long ways to go but I kind a like the idea of the reusable sandwich bags. We can use those every single day.

  5. We use reusable grocery bags, water bottles and food containers. I’d love to try to use more reusable items.

  6. I use many reusable items like grocery bags which I bring to the store with me, my water bottle which I fill up rather than use disposable plastic & reusable lunch bags.

  7. I have always used reusable plastic containers for our leftovers. However, after years of buying them only to throw them away every 6 months to a year. I decided to purchase some glass containers. They will last me longer and I’ll never have the spaghetti stained bowl again. Yes!

  8. I’m all for reducing waste, especially plastic waste. We have the reusable straws and I always pack my kids lunches in a reusable plastic container that they bring home to reuse each day. Go green!

  9. Excellent ideas! We have been using cloth grocery bags forever and I recently purchased reusable metal straws. I’m always looking for new ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

  10. We try to use as much reusable as we can. It is good for the environment, our health and also our wallet

  11. These items are great! I would want everything for myself. I always use glass containers or cloth bags when I buy things from the market.

  12. The only reusable items I have are the glass Purex containers for individual servings. They have lids so I am able to freeze or refrigerate portioned leftovers.

  13. I kind of “make” things reusable. For example, since sandwiches are typically pretty dry, I will reuse a sandwich baggie many times. At work, drying my hands with paper towels, I will save those to clean up any messes rather than throwing them away. After all, your hands have just been washed when you dry them, so the paper towel is technically still clean.

  14. I use rags to clean and wipe up spills and of course we use reusable water bottles daily.

  15. So interesting that you would have this post just as I am making my Christmas list with reusable items for my daughters and myself. Would LOVE to win your great giveaway gifts. But if not, have saved your suggestions in my Amazon wish list.

  16. Yes I reuse items. I will save empty milk jugs and use them to water my plants or make homemade bird feeders out of them. I also reuse plastic bags for miscellaneous things around my home.

  17. I love reusing all types of glassware that I can. I use old glass jars for everything, including gift giving during the holiday season!

  18. We recycle and reuse everything.. From mayo jars to even replanting the seeds from fruits and veggies. I volunteer for the homeless, and they help out, too.. It actually gets them motivated to see growth!

  19. I only use reusable water bottles everyday! I also use glass food storage in the kitchen, & reusable bags for everything! I’d love to get some bamboo cutlery/dishware for on the go.

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