My Beloved Ernest


My sweet Ernest (his full name is Ernest T. Bass) HATES having his picture taken, so I have hubby distract him with the word “treat”.  We’ve all done that to get the perky ears and that special look only our beloved pet can give us.  I think after all this time though, he maybe has figured it out. 

Ernest T. Bass is our rescued boxer from Florida Boxer Rescue and we couldn’t have asked for a more sweeter dog.  He’s my walking partner and shadow.  He is my 4th boxer and is living longer than any of the others.   Boxers life span averages about 10 years and he is pushing 12 years old now.  That’s why I love this picture so much.  His graying body makes him so distinguished looking. Don’t you think?


I am entering this picture in a contest at I Heart Faces for pets.  What fun I am having looking at all the pets.  Be sure to come by and check out all the entries!

Have a wonderful day,



    1. Thank you! Only boxer I’ve ever owned that doesn’t have his tail docked. Its dangerous when its in full wagging happy mode!!!

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