Monday Moments with Guest Room Ideas

The holidays are in full swing and one of the last things we forget to prepare is the guest room. When guests come over, I love having a few special things for them to enjoy. Just a few small details will make your guests feel right at home. Here are a few guest room ideas to try in your home.

Guests coming to visit for the holidays? Take a look at a few ideas of how to prepare your guestroom and holiday decorating.

First, we need to prepare the guest room and Liz Marie has a post about 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests.  One idea is having extra toiletries available for your guests is a must. Filling a basket or large jar with samples is the perfect solution.

Another post called Ten Essentials for a Guestroom Retreat by Driven by Decor gives you a few more ideas for your guest room. The luggage rack is another must and she has an example of toiletries in a basket.

You could also have a Welcome Basket for your guests in their room. Mattie Butterfield has several ideas of what to put in the basket for your guests.

And since it Christmas, why not decorate a bit for the occasion. I love how Savvy Southern Style took some simple pillows and a few other small items to give her guestroom a Christmas look.



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  1. I was so tickled on a recent visit to see my daughter when I discovered a lovely glass bowl in the bathroom filled with assorted toiletries. Somehow I had forgotten to pack my deodorant…had never ever happened before but has happened another time since…senility setting in…and I was thrilled to see a little travel-sized Secret in the bowl. Want to replicate these good ideas for my Christmas guests!

    1. I love that! Another thing is when you fly you only have so much room in your suitcase and it’s nice to see a few things at your destination.

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