Just Some Ramblings

I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.


September is my ahhhh month. I start adding a few fall things around the house and outside and look so forward to cooling off temps.  I ran across this cute front porch on Instagram by @southernsurroundings and I love all the little pumpkins with mums in them. Such a clever idea. 

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Christmas gift ideas


As I was checking out items for fall and holiday gift ideas, I came across this cute mug and cup cozy sleeves. What a cute gift idea for anyone who loves their cup of hot coffee but the cup is just too hot to hold onto. Be sure to check out NandysNook for all the cup cozies. 


I love graphic t-shirts but I’m a bit picky in the ones I wear. This is just too cute for Halloween. It’s not really gaudy and I love the colors. This shirt also comes in a Fall version too. Check them out HERE and they are on sale too.

favorite FAll items

fall inspiration


Friend to Friend 

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul – Proverbs 27:9

Just ramblin’ on,



    1. These are cool and amazing ideas for autumn that can also serve as a gift or a present. So pretty and adorable

  1. Love this idea.. hehe. I don’t know someone who loves to use mug sleeves but it’s a cute gift idea anyways. Thanks!

  2. I love adding the fall touch to my home as well. It makes it more cozy and I love it. Those cup cozies are so cute.

  3. I’m excited about the Fall. I love the mood, the colors… and all the pumpkins 🙂 Lovely porch idea, thanks for sharing that. And for sharing other interesting Fall finds.

  4. I am a rambler, too!! Ha!
    That porch is just adorable. I decorate a wheelbarrow that I have under a tree in the front yard. I hang things from the branches of the tree. Need to try to find some witches hats like the ones hanging on that porch to hang from my tree. Thanks for the inspiration.

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