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I’ve been told I love to ramble on, so why not pass along some of my ramblings from this past month.


Spring is here! Yea! And so is the yellow pollen. Do you live where the yellow pine tree pollen is so bad that it covers everything and literally sticks like glue? Does your car look like a yellow mess? I always look forward to the rains to wash it all away. I took the picture above of a bee covered in pollen on a sunflower to just remind me that we need pollen and pollen gathering insects. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t survive. That will make some yummy honey.


Warmer air means I can’t wait to get outside to get the patio and grill cleaned up to enjoy BBQ’s with friends and family, a cup of hot tea early in the morning in the cool air and a favorite place to relax in the shade. Do you need to replace the foam in your seats or outdoor cushions like I do?

Dryfast foams by Foam By Mail are suited for outdoor use where moisture and rain are prevalent on patio furniture, under awnings or in marine cushions on your boat or pontoon. The large, open cells provide a degree of airflow not present in other outdoor cushions, allowing it to dry quickly, even after complete saturation. Nothing worse than sitting down on an outdoor cushion and realizing its all wet and so are you! You want something that will dry quickly! The Dryfast foam formula is anti-microbial and helps suppress microorganism growth, common in damp areas. Dryfast foam can be cut to any size you need with a sharp knife in your own home or have www.FoamByMail.com cut it for you. Check out all the different sizes and shapes of foam and get a quote HERE.


And with springtime, comes the time to clean up the yard. So many plants which need to be trimmed up, the garden needs work, planting summer annuals and putting down pine straw all around the landscaping. All that hard work means sore muscles. Mr. G and I have been using PainCakes for a while now and love how they will help our aching muscles. I actually like to wear the long one on the back of my neck when I’m outside working and it’s so hot. 


They come in three different sizes – large, mini and long version. Mr. G loves the long version to put down his back. All you do is sit the PainCake in the fridge for a while to let them cool, peel off the protective piece which covers the sticky area, and just stick to the soar area on your body. Reusable up to 100 times. Strap and hands-free to easily apply anywhere on your body. Latex-free, silicone free and made in the USA. 


Right now you can get 20% off your purchase by using my code: Pain2019 at the PainCakes website. You can also find them HERE where you will find the long version at.

Check out the video above to see how easy it is to use PainCakes.
Buy 3 large and get 2 minis FREE and don’t forget the 20% off coupon Pain2019 when checking out.


Since we have an abundance of tomatoes right now in my garden, I live in Zone 9a, I made my favorite Frilled Tomato Pimento Cheese recipe to make sandwiches. I really love homemade pimento cheese and its easy to make. Do you put pimento cheese on celery? I love that for a snack.


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  1. I have enjoyed reading your ramblings. Bees are so important to our environment so keep that pollen around for the bees. Enjoy the warmth of the sun.

  2. Oh man, the pollen has been bad in Texas too! It’s everywhere, and it’s making my allergies go nuts. I still need to make that cheese sandwich. Yum!

  3. I have never seen Pain Cakes before. Will look out for them next time I go to the store but for now, I will make use of your discount code! Thank you

  4. That pimento cheese sandwich looks absolutely delicious! I’m definitely going to check out that recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Pimiento cheese on celery? Oh, I haven’t thought of that combination. But thinking of it right now makes me crave for it! Yum! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing your ramblings. Paincakes sound like a product that I need to have on hand. more often now as I get older. I betcha my teen ball players would benefit too – sore arms!

  7. I’ve been looking for new outdoor cushions. Definitely going to be checking these out. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. Ramblings are always good! I love reading the thoughts that you’re thinking! And pimento cheese is so good!

  9. Now this is interesting! I’ve never heard of Pain Cakes but it sounds like an amazing product. I took like to ramble 😀

  10. Yes! The yellow pollen is everywhere! My porch is covered and my eyes are swollen! I hope it rains this weekend and clears everything away. When am I going to learn not to uncover my porch cushions so early.

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