It’s Spring!!

birdsnest3_22a (1 of 1)

I went out the front doors this morning to fetch the mail and take a look at my seedlings, something I rarely do because I prefer to go out the garage door, when a bird flew very close to my face.  I have a couple of cones with flowers in them on the door, so I took a peek.  Sure enough. A purple finch has made the most perfect little nest (the size of a golf ball) with 4 beautiful eggs.

birdsnest3_22 (1 of 1)

I did get some really good pictures of the nest and eggs, but I had to stand way back to get a close up of momma bird peaking out between the silk flowers.  She didn’t like me being too close, so I will respect her wishes.  I will have to figure out a sign to warn people coming to the front door.

I will keep an update on the new arrivals.  The nest can’t be that old because I just put those flowers out a few weeks ago.

Happy Spring,