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If you are a long time blogger or someone wanting to start a blog, you don’t want to miss this limited-time only FREE training for bloggers offered by these experts:

  • Crystal Paine
  • Rosemarie Groner
  • Ryan & Stephanie Langford
  • Amy Lynn Andrews

These guys are the tops when it comes to blogging.

This free training for bloggers is for a LIMITED TIME & there are NO REPLAYS, so you’ll have to sign up below to get in!

FREE Training on Day 1: 3 Strategies to Start That Blog You’ve Been Dreaming Of


Crystal Paine will be delivering a FREE webinar called “3 Strategies to Start That Blog You’ve Been Dreaming Of” on Monday, October 2 at 8 pm ET.

Crystal is the founder of the popular blogs and

As a well-known blogger with over 12 years of experience in the industry, Crystal has a passion for coming alongside new bloggers to help them on their journey to building their own successful blogging businesses.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The one habit you should begin today if you want to set up a successful blog (it might surprise you!)
  • The few key things you need to have in place to get your blog up and running (it’s a much shorter list than you might expect!)
  • 5 simple ways people are making a part-time or full-time income from blogging (& how you can, too!).

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FREE Training on Day 2: 10 Tools That Will Make Blogging Easier

You know there are tools out there that could probably make blogging a million times easier.

Problem? You just don’t know which ones they are. But I’ve got a solution for you…

Amy Lynn Andrews has been blogging for nearly 14 years. Along the way, she has grown her blog, traffic and income without sacrificing her sanity or her priorities.


She researches, tests, and evaluates – all to find the best tools, best practices, and industry trends for you.

You can benefit from Amy’s extensive knowledge at a free webinar called “10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier as a Blogger” on Tuesday, October 3 at 7 pm ET.

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FREE Training on Day 3: 5 Ways to Improve Blog-Life Balance

As a blogger or entrepreneur, it can be hard to know when to plug away into the wee hours of the night, and when to close the laptop and enjoy your family (or you know, get some sleep!).

Ryan and Stephanie Langford know those conflicted feelings all too well.

Between starting multiple blogs and businesses, raising and homeschooling their five children, and traveling all over the world, they’ve had to learn when to say yes, when to say no and how to find a better work/life balance.


And they’re delivering a FREE webinar called “5 Ways to Improve Your Blog/Life Balance (and What We’ve Learned from 10 Years, 5 Kids and 4 Businesses)” on Wednesday, October 4 at 7 pm ET.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s critical to address work/life balance now (and what you risk by waiting)
  • How to handle seasons of putting in intense hours and effort, so you don’t wind up in burnout mode
  • 5 actionable steps you can start putting into practice today to reduce the guilt and stress, get more done, and start loving your life

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FREE Training on Day 4: How to Maximize Your Blogging Income

Learning to make more money in less time with your blog is simple, but it’s obviously not easy, or everyone would be doing it!

But someone has figured out the secret, and she wants to tell you about it.

Rosemarie Groner grew from $18/month blogging to more than $20,000/month in just 18 months from starting her new blog. It continued to grow and now supports not only her family but an entire team.


And she’s presenting a FREE webinar called “Chasing ROI: How To Maximize Your Blogging Income When You’re Tight on Time” on Thursday, October 5 at 7 pm ET.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The three things you must do to increase your income quickly
  • The easiest path to full time income in blogging, and
  • How to recognize and eliminate the tasks that waste your time and money.

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