DIY Memory Christmas Ornament

Make a Memory Christmas Ornament from items from someone who has passed. Using a clear plastic ornament and items of love inside.

Make a Memory Ornament from items from someone who has passed. Using a clear plastic ornament and items of love inside

Several years ago, my dad asked me if we wanted his lounge chair.  I am not a fan of lounge chairs.  Especially that one.  It was a huge “man” chair for sure and it just didn’t go with anything.  But, what was a daughter to do and I said yes.  Years have passed since my dad passed away and the lounge chair sat proudly in our living room.  It leaned a bit and had its worn spots, but it was my dads.  So I was proud of it.

One day I sat down in it and it fell apart.  I cried and was heartbroken.

Hubby took it apart so we could take it to the dump but I just couldn’t part with all of it.  There was a lot of good leather on it so we kept a few parts of it for me to use.  I decided I would make a memory ornament with it to give to my mom.

DIY Memory Ornament

Items you will need:

DIY Memory Ornament

I cut the pieces of leather strips into smaller strips the size of the ornament and placed them inside.  The plastic ornament I found at Walmart.  There were several sizes and shapes to choose from.  I thought about glass, but I didn’t want to take the chance of breaking it while I was making it.

DIY Memory Ornament

I then added a little bit of silver glitter and shook it around.

DIY Memory Ornament

I wanted to put a small tassel on the outside of the ornament so I cut long thin strips of leather.  I then took the wire and wrapped it tight around the middle of all of them.

DIY Memory Ornament

I pulled them together, wrapped a piece of wire around it and then wrapped a piece of leather around the wire to cover it.  I added a piece of greenery at the top. I had to use glue to hold it on tightly at the top.

DIY Memory Ornament

I cut the bottom of the tassel to make it look nice.

DIY Memory Ornament

I wired the finished tassel to the top of the ornament and tied a piece of twine around the top of the ornament for a hook.

My mom loved it and was so proud to have another memory of her husband, my dad to enjoy at Christmas time.

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  1. I absolutely adore this! What a cute idea. I would love to make one of these ornaments.

  2. It’s really very beautiful and I love the colors too. It’s classy! Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea, it’s quite easy to do as well.

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