Just Some Ramblings

Summer is moving right along at its own pace.  I can’t believe August is knocking on my front door.  I love lazy, lazy hot summer days, going to the pool and just slowing life down for a bit. Plus, its just too dad-gum hot to do much of anything else.

First of all, my 79 year old mom got her 1st smart phone. She’s always just had a simple flip phone and it was easy for her and frankly for me too. Her birthday is in a few days, so I’m sure I will be showing her a few things she can do with her new toy.

Just Some Ramblings

Her first question was, “Can I Facetime with my sister?” “No Mom. You don’t have an iPhone.” Well, that opened a whole new can of worms to try and explain to her since I had recently Facetimed with her sister the other day using my iphone. If I can do it, why can’t she is now the hot topic.

Just Some Ramblings

Hurricane season is reaching its peak and the last time my name was on the list of hurricane names was back in 2006, when there was 26 named hurricanes. I hope we don’t see that this year.

Just Some Ramblings

Even though summer is slowing down for some, its BBQ season all year long for us. I have to say we probably use our grill 2 or 3 times a week. Even though we love to grill, trying to keep the grill clean is another story. I used a wire brush in the past, but after reading a story about the wires coming off of the brush and ending up in food that people eat, I realized I needed to find another way.  I used tongs gripping a wad of foil and would scrape off what I can after the burners have been on awhile, but that wasn’t the best solution either. Then I found the Grill Mat and clean up is a breeze now. Dishwasher safe and PFOA free. I love a good gadget that really works!

Last Minute Steak Sauce

Looking for a last minute steak sauce for your grilled meat?  You can see my recipe HERE. Great on steaks, chicken and burgers.

8+ Swimming Must Have Items

Since summer is slowing down, there will be tons of summer sales going on right now.  Check out my Swimming Must Haves post and grab some summer savings on items for next year.

Just Some Ramblings

There will be a total solar eclipse on August 21st this year. Everyone in the United States and other countries will see the eclipse, while the thin path of a total eclipse will pass through portions of 14 US states.  You will need eye protection to watch the eclipse and you can find the certified solar shades HERE that my family will be using that day. NASA also has a site dedicated to this subject and they will also be having live video streams that day. The next time the US will have such a perfect view will be 375 years from now, so don’t miss it.

Just Some Ramblings

I love reading books in the summer time while I’m being lazy in the afternoon and I usually read one that has that summer time vibe to it. I was reading the July edition of Southern Living and they recommended Slightly South of Simple. Loved it! If you are a southern gal, you will love this book about what its like to be born and raised in the south with all its southern charm and quirks. If you haven’t tried ebooks yet, you must. I’ve been hooked on my Kindle since the 2nd generation came out in 2009 and still use it when I go to the pool since the screen is glare free. You can find a glare free Kindle HERE.

A Blog I Follow –

Thistlewood Farms – is so much more than the story of a farmhouse. It’s about family and tortoises and burlap and shutters and twirly whirly skirts and pancakes and Lee Press-On-Nails and little pieces of paper.

I found this blog a few months back and instantly fell in love with this adorable woman and her farm house. She is so creative and I love the way she tells a story. If you love farmhouses and the decor that goes along with it, be sure to visit Kari Anne.

Friend to Friend –

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day – Psalm 46:5 (NIV)

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  1. My Mum is the same with phones, she’s recently changed to an iPhone and I spent ages putting the apps on it for her when we were on holiday, only 50% of the time need to be messaged by her friends to ask to her to reply to something now ;).

  2. Ugh summer is so fleeting, so sad! My birthday is next month though, after that, we can stay in summer forever!! Did you take those food photos??? It’s 8:21am and now I want steak lol

  3. I love the lazy part of Summer too but I also love the part where we get to get out and be active quite a bit. So I guess it’s a yin yang. I also got super tickled about your mom and her cell phone. My mom is 82 years old and never could Advance beyond the flip phone. Technology just absolutely baffled her and sometimes she still forgets how to answer her flip phone when it’s ringing. And I’m super excited about the eclipse coming! We live right in the path of it and you can bet we’re going to be watching it up in the Great Smoky Mountains!

  4. I love your blog! My hubby and I have made a deal, Spring and Winter I cook, and Fall and Summer he cooks. We use our grill about 5 nights a week!

  5. My mom is 67 and refuses to give up her flip phone. I can’t believe August is upon us time flies when your having fun!

  6. My 81 year old Grandmother just got her first smartphone and she texts IN ALL CAPS. My oldest keeps trying to tell her it’s like yelling at people through text. Her response: I need to see what I’m typing so they just need to understand.

  7. Summer seems to be flying past us this year! I can’t believe how fast everything is happening. BBQing is one of our favorite things about summer!

  8. I cannot believe summer is already coming to an end. My kids go back to school two weeks from today. We had a pretty lazy summer but I never can manage to find any time to read with my active 3-year-old. Maybe in the future though, I miss that!

  9. I feel like I need therapy because I cannot believe that August is here already and I have to return to work. Just yesterday the summer holidays began and just like that it is almost over

  10. My mom refuses to get a cell phone period, not even a smartphone. I had a hard enough time teaching her how to use the iPad, while I am kind of glad I don’t have to teach her to use a cell phone, it is frustrating when out shopping and she wanders off LOL

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