Growing and Giving

If you have followed my blog for any time now, you know how much I love to get my hands dirty and grow things in my garden.  I do this because its something I was taught as a child.  My father gardened and his mother did the same.  I just love the idea of providing for my family right from the back yard.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

I also grow my small garden to share the produce or seeds with others.  Hubby and I can only eat so much ourselves and only a part of it can go in the freezer.  I don’t grow enough for canning purposes, so the rest is given to others.  No waste.  Right now, I have an abundance of cucumbers which I can’t put in the freezer, so it will be shared with others.  It amazes me what I can pick from one plant and from a 4 x 12 raised garden.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

My community garden club works with an outreach program called Feed the Need.  We go to their gardens once a month and help with what ever needs to be done. The produce is grown, harvested and taken to food kitchens in the area.  Living in Florida means we can grow almost all year round.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

Rows and rows of veggies.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

I love this vertical garden.  Don’t have a lot of space.  Make a smaller version of this.  No bending over and digging in the ground.  Each bucket holds a plant and is on a scheduled watering system which only waters each bucket.  A great water saver system.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

Pigs are raised for meat.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

Chickens are raised for meat and eggs.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

And the goats are raised for their milk.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

Recently bees were added for pollination and their honey.

Organic produce is also sold and proceeds go to help others learn how to grow their own food.  All kinds of classes are taught from growing your own garden to canning.

I love working with this great bunch of women.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare

When it comes to storing my produce until either its put in the freezer or shared, my 15 year old Whirlpool fridge has been my appliance horse.  During harvest time there are bowls full of what has been picked from the garden.  But alas, appliances don’t last forever. So hubby and I have started fridge shopping and I want to make sure I get the perfect one for all my garden produce and still have enough room for everyday items.  My first choice is the Whirlpool 5 door fridge. Its the perfect replacement choice.

Oh my heart beats for all the room in that fridge. And I love the drawers just made to keep all those veggies at the right temperature.

Growing and Giving #NourishYourCommunity #hhgregg #EveryDayCare
While shopping online for a fridge at hhgregg, I read where Whirlpool has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to offer homes and appliances to those who need.  What a wonderful organization to work with.

Donate or volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or participate in the Every day, care project and please be sure to stop by their website for further information! If you have furniture you no longer want, be sure to give Habitat for Humanity a call to donate it to them.  Also, be sure to check out the new Whirlpool products!

I have been so blessed in my life.  I know I’ve heard others say they don’t know what to give to others.  There are many ways other than money or items.  Helping someone with chores around their home, reading to children at your local library, helping the elderly with grocery shopping, helping babysit or stopping by to talk to a Vet when he needs a smile.  So many ways to help others in a time of need.

Do you have a way to give back to your community? #EveryDayCare


Get your hands dirty,

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  1. That is wonderful that you share. I don’t have a garden myself, but pay a small fortune at the farmer’s market every week.

  2. I just leap with joy every time I see one of your post. My mom, her name is Tammy, also has a large overflow garden. She now has 5 goats, 9 pigs and I don’t know how many chickens and roosters. Needless to say, you just melt my heart 🙂 I hope you have a great day!

  3. I love this blog post. I admire what you are doing so much. I have been thinking about learning to garden for a while now. It’s something totally foreign to me. I have trouble keeping a house plant alive. So, I’m not really sure I can do it.

  4. What a wonderful outreach program you are a part of, Tammy. I love that you even have chicken, bees, and pigs in addition to the garden. I wish I lived somewhere without rough winters to do something like that. It gets too cold here for year round gardening. I still haven’t started one but I’m not giving up. Maybe next year!

  5. These are all so wonderful, I would love to have a garden full with veggies. I think it’s awesome that your community is helping out! I love the idea of donating fresh product to feed the hungry. Especially now that World Hunger is one of our biggest issues. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization, they have helped a lot of people!

  6. We are hoping to get a hive, soon. I’m a total city girl and we just left downtown San Diego for small town Arkansas were my husband is from so we could be close to his children (I used to shop Farmers Market as much as possible). Now we are slowly but surely building the gardens!

    1. I went the day they brought the bees to Feed the Need. I stayed my distance but since then, they aren’t that bad to work with. They are amazing work horses.

  7. my in laws grow all their own food. The produce is always much more delicious than what the stores have.

  8. I love this blog post. I always want to grow my own veggies and fruits. I spent so much money this year but nothing grew ;(

  9. I’m so glad of this, I love be a community like this, it’s so nice to be one of this. I wish I will be in this community like this.

    1. This area is right outside of our community and the area is considered country so she can raise her animals and has plenty of area to grow crops.

  10. Omg I just love this. I have a good friend who has a yard full of gardens and has afew chickens. She’s always giving us fresh veggies & eggs 🙂

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