Fresh from the Farm

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Even though I have a garden at my home, I don’t have the space to produce what I would like to put up in my freezer.  So, this time of the year, I patiently wait for all the emails telling me its time to visit our local farms and pick all the Fresh from Florida produce we can carry home.

Fresh from the Farm

I was so excited to read the blueberries were ready to pick!!  I have to say that blueberries have to be my favorite fruit.  I can use blueberries in so many ways and they are so easy to put up in the freezer.  Pick, wash, dry and store in the freezer. Your done!

Fresh from the Farm

The first time I went to this farm I commented on how it was the cleanest “pick your own” I have ever been to.  The rows are wide enough to walk and the bushes are the perfect size for anyone to be able to reach those beautiful sweet berries.  All ages come to this farm the month of May to pick all the berries their buckets can hold.  And sometimes a few might accidentally end up in your mouth.  If you have never been to a “pick your own” farm, its a must for the whole family.

Fresh from the Farm

Even though the farm opened for picking a couple of weeks ago, the blueberries were literally falling in my bucket.  The branches were full of blueberries. It doesn’t take long to fill up my bucket with 5 pounds of those sweet berries.

Fresh from the Farm

I have 3 blueberry bushes in my yard, but they don’t produce enough for me to store in the freezer.  I do love going out and picking a bowl full for blueberry pancakes or to add to my cereal in the morning.

Fresh from the Farm

Having farmers markets close by is also a treat this time of the year.  If my small garden doesn’t produce enough, I can go there and grab what I need.

Fresh from the Farm

Watermelon, tomatoes, green peppers, sweet corn, cabbage and blackberries are just a few of the fruits and veggies I can find locally grown here in Central Florida.  The idea of fresh from the farm to my table makes me happy.  Makes hubby happy too!  Fresh always tastes so much better and is so nutritious.

Fresh from the Farm

Since I’m only about 2 hours from the coast, I can also enjoy some fresh fish or shrimp right from the boat that morning.  I love when Grouper is in season.  A plate of Grilled Grouper and a fresh salad from the garden is the perfect way to end the day.

I find a lot of my recipes at the Fresh from Florida website run by the Florida Department of Agriculture.  I can find recipes for what ever is in season right now.  Grilled Cheddar-Bacon Florida Sweet Corn is a yummy recipe to try for any cook out you may be having soon.  And I know you would want to try Creamy Bacon-Mushroom Shrimp and Grits.  Fresh shrimp really makes that dish sing!!

Not only does the website have tons of recipes, but I can find out where the Farmers Markets are in my area and what is in season.  There is so much produce that is in season several months of the year that I didn’t know about until I went to their website.

Be on the look out for Fresh from Florida produce in your local store and enjoy the Florida sunshine at your next meal.



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  1. That is amazing! I’d love to go there, and how lovely it is that you can eat farm fresh food like this! I love the Farmer’s Market when it’s in season, and can’t wait to start going!

    1. We tend to do that when we go “you pick”. Its kind of hard when we pick sweet corn though. But I have stood in the field and ate an ear of corn right off the stalk.

  2. There’s nothing like food that’s fresh from the farm. I love being able to go to a Farmer’s Market or a pick your own farm.

  3. Can you believe that I’ve never been on a farm to pick anything at all. The kids have been apple picking but I didn’t take them. I would love to be in Florida to pick some fruits right now. I do have grapes that I don’t even pick. My neighbor comes over and pick them and makes me jam. 🙂

    1. Its worth a trip to go to one. Its not only fun but you know you are getting a much better product to feed your family

  4. I’ll have to share this website with my dad as he lives in Florida. I wish I could pick fresh blueberries around here but I have been picking strawberries.

  5. Wow! This makes me feel like I want to visit my granpop’s farm too. Farm life is something I can’t really explain because it makes me feel happy – genuinely. For sure, you really had a great time. Hope to read more of this in your blog. 🙂

  6. I love farmer’s markets and pick-ur-own places. We have one nearby for strawberries and tomatoes.

  7. That’s amazing! I wish I could pick the freshest fruit by hand from a farm. Blueberries are my favorite too and I use them in just about everything.

  8. This is very interesting. I never went to a farm to pick fresh fruits. I would love to and sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing about the fruits and farmer’s market.

  9. Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to pick around here. We go as a family picking blueberries for blueberry jam and blueberry pie. Yummy!!! Thanks for shairng the information.

  10. We buy most of our produce from farmers markets here. And, the food I cook somehow turns out well when I use these veggies. I feel fresh veggies themselves have a ton of flavor and need very little seasoning unlike frozen or something that was exported from far away.

  11. My kids would love to go and pick your own! I love this. I’m not familiar with any farms in my area that do this, but I’m sure it would make for a nice road trip!

  12. This is a fun place! One of my dreams to spend an afternoon in a farm. It must be really lovely picking out fruits and veggies 🙂

  13. We have 17 blueberry bushes, and they are just starting to ripen. I LOVE them so much, and I can’t wait to make all kinds of blueberry desserts! How awesome that you have a pick-your-own farm so close! I know living near the coast has to be amazing, as well. 🙂

  14. Oooo nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies!!!! I live in WNY in farm country and one of the perks is all the yummy produce

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